The Days You Don't Love Him

Have you ever had those days where you look at your significant other and question if you can really spend the rest of your life together? The day before you were madly in love; wanting him/her around every single minute of every single day, for every singly breath you take. Then the next day, it's like someone flicked the light switch.

I live in dread of that day. The day the light switches "off." However, it always seems to find me. In every serious relationship i've been in, there is a moment when I suddenly loose interest and everything changes. He no longer looks good, the way he walks bothers me, the conversation leaves me rolling my eyes.

The problem is not him. The problem is 100% mine to own. I've lost one "perfect" guy because the switch came and I left him. My eye began to wander. I began to wonder what I was missing. I felt trapped. Now it's happening again and I'm so scared. I don't want to loose another great guy because i'm a mess. I want to get married. I want to be with someone. I don't want to feel trapped. I want to be happy.

So as of right now, I suffer in silence. Hoping that those feelings of want and desire come back. What is wrong with me? This is the third time this has happened. I don't want to discard good people forever.

I don't want to hurt anyone else.

Will this ever change?




to: Baby Boomers,

It is time for you to retire. Do you understand that because you fail to retire you are setting of a chain of economical issues that are sure to affect us for the next 20 years. Let me break it down for you because clearly you DON’T get it. (step 1 leads to step 2, etc.)

1. Economy: The bottom fell out during the years of the Bush. Stocks dropped. Spending stopped. Companies flopped.
2. Baby Boomers: You lost ½ of your 401k and retirement income so now you think you need to stay at work longer because 1) you need to build your money back up and 2) your 20 year old children are dependent on you because *GASP* they have yet to find a job post college and have thousands upon thousands in student loans.
3. Recent grads can’t find jobs because job opportunities are limited. Why are they limited? Because baby boomers won’t FREAKING retire. Now the few jobs that are available are taken by those with 10-30+ years of experience. In these trying times what HR representative would hire a recent graduate with intern experience over someone with 10-20+ years. (yes it’s true- Those with more experience are now competing in lower-end jobs because they are looking for ANYTHING that will help them pay the bills).
4. So Mom and Dad, here is the synopsis. The reason why your recent graduates stay at home longer, mooching off of you is because you and your MASSIVE baby boomer co-workers won’t MOVE THE HECK OUT THE WAY. Here’s my poem.

Ode to Old People

Baby boomers won’t retire

Recent grads can’t get hired

Recent grads stay at home

Recent grads default on school loans

Recent grads can’t buy homes

Banks can no longer function alone

Government decides to lends them money

Taxes go up for everybody

Economy won’t go up

Recent grads still out of luck

Recent grads apply at Target

While waiting for a better job market

Recent grads goes back to school

Pays more money like a fool

20 years now have passed

Baby Boomers depart in masse

Who is there to take their place?

My five degrees can’t replace

The work experience you’ve snatched away


Drake performes Live

Photo from MuchMusic
Man, all the cameras. I'm getting less and less excited about Drake and more and more concerned about the choas.

My Place and Sidelines Restaurants in the Washington Post

Struggling Restaurants Tap Into Md. Night Life
The crowd enjoys the music at My Place Sports Bar, but restaurants that transform into night spots have become an issue in the Maryland suburbs. (By Dominic Bracco Ii For The Washington
By Ovetta WigginsWashington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 15, 2009

Several restaurants in Prince George's and Montgomery counties have come up with an unorthodox way to stay afloat in today's economy: charge people to come through their doors.
With the new nighttime cover charges, restaurants are adding live bands, karaoke nights and pool tables to lure customers, said Kathie Durbin, chief of licensure, regulation and education for the Montgomery Department of Liquor Control.

"In this economy, people are trying to be creative," she said.

The restaurants are not breaking any regulations as long as they continue to serve food, Durbin said. The liquor control board routinely checks that restaurants, regardless of whether they provide entertainment, take in no more than half their revenue from alcohol sales, she said.
In Prince George's, restaurants with liquor licenses are required to receive liquor control board approval to offer new attractions. But some Prince George's residents complain that a handful of restaurants have essentially turned themselves into nightclubs. They are asking the county to provide better oversight.

"We have to find a better way of managing them," said Phil Lee, president of the Kettering Civic Federation.

Lee said that a nightclub crowd is different from a restaurant crowd and that nightclubs are more apt to breed violence. He cited a shooting this year at Sidelines Restaurant in Largo that left a man dead, linking the incident to a change in clientele.

Del. Michael L. Vaughn (D-Prince George's) said he is concerned that some restaurants have misrepresented themselves to the public.

"I've never been to a restaurant that charges a cover charge," Vaughn said. "I think we need to look at how we are doing things in this particular sector, set some guidelines and regulations."
Adrianne Goode, the owner of Peachez restaurant in Upper Marlboro, said she wants to start offering karaoke and a disc jockey. Currently patrons listen to live jazz music without paying a cover charge.

"The economy has really hurt us," Goode said. "A lot of people are not eating out . . . and on top of that, we are competing with D.C. venues. . . . We need to provide our clients [with] entertainment."

Franklin D. Jackson, chairman of the Prince George's liquor control board, said the board plans to hold public hearings in the next several weeks to discuss the operations of several restaurants, including Sidelines, My Place Sports Bar & Grill in Mitchellville, the Half Note in Bowie and Peachez.

Read the entire article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/14/AR2009051403990.html?hpid=moreheadlines


Hating on the Word Hater

Well since everyones seems to be currently voicing their opinions about being a "Hater" I thought i'd catch the wave and Re-post a blog I wrote on this subject over two years ago. Yes, yall are behind! lol/jk. Read a Very Smart Brothers' thoughts on the subject and then read mine.

I hate the term hatin." Just because you have an opinion about something that happens to be negative doesn't mean your a hater. Sometimes it's not even negative, it's just honest. We can't always have good opinions about something and everyone has different view points. Now it seems that if we don't preface our comments with, "I'm not hating but..." then we are cast aside with the rest of the "haters."

Shouldn't we be able to express our opinion be it, positive or negative, without being called a hater just because we don't like it. If a hater = someone who has a negative opinion, THEN where would the world be without hater's. We need both.

In that case:

Yes, I'm hating on George Bush and I can't wait till he's out of office
Yes, I'm hating on Kiamsha alumni who haven't once come back to mentor/help these kids
Yes, I'm hating on Rihanna's new song. WHO IS SHE? I just don't like it!! I'm not hating on the child. I could care less about her.

Yes, I'm hating on Usher and R.Kelly's new song. They could have done better. Point blanck, PERIOD. I'm not hating on them. I love both of them.

On the other hand......

I'm loving lupe fiasco's song "He say, she say" for shedding some light on the "absentee father" and its OBVIOUS affect on today's black youth. "Give them a fighting chance."

I'm loving those who have come back to help and be in the conference
I'm loving the fact that David has RSVP'd for the Saturday Academy Alumni program this weekend. I haven't seen him in a while. Now if we could just see John.
Posted by Deja~I~Am at 13:17


The answer to the question in women's heads

"yeah you cute but please don't let that go to yo head, cuz the ish that you won't do shawty anotha one will."
- My bruh
And therein lies the problem with our men. SMH. I'm through trying to rationalize them or explain what they really mean. Here it is in a nutshell.
You nasty bums are shallow. (and that was the nice version).
If you need further proof please read Demetria L. article in Essence this month. What a mess. Further proof, one guy said, "If your hip to butt ratio isn't on point, then I can't get into a serious relationship with you."


It's time for the brackets

THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE BRACKET!!!! Download your bracket at http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/downloads/BestRapperEver_Brackets.pdf/

I want to know who you have going all the way!!

Competition begins Monday, May 18! So hurry up and do this.


Weekend Warrior has fizzled

I can't get my mind around this weekend. so let me write it out.

Friday: NOTHING! Thank goodness. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I am pooped. Not necessarily tired, but just pooped. This would have been a great day to snuggle and watch movies with Ant.M. Oh well.

Saturday: My sister wants me to go back to Baltimore again for this model call. :-\ We'll see if I feel like going. At the moment, who knows. And then I have to go see CC dance at Towson for their fashion show. It's her last performance so i have to go.

Sunday: Church. Then, I'm supposed to go see KC sing up at Indulj. I have to make that as well.

Next weekend:
Friday: Coctails at the Spy Museum with Shannon.
Saturday: Drake Comes to town. Big Hooplah. A whole bunch of my Alpha friends are coming to town, so this may lead to some Sunday events as well.

Next Next Weekend
Friday: Surgery
Saturday: 1. Sisters brunch at Cafe Promenade 2. Wedding rehearsal

GOSH. I'm pooped!