I called....

The Silent Treatment Game

Yesterday we got in a heated argument. I talk to him. He ignores my feelings. I begin to yell. He get's smart and cold-hearted. I... Just... Can't... Take...It...Anymore.

CLICK- I hang up on him for the first time in my life and thus begins the series championship.

My boyfriend loves the game. He plays it often and I must say he's a pro at it.
I play the game rarely. I find it unfulfilling, immature and regressive. Therefore, I lack both the grace,skill,and athleticism that is required to compete at this level.

But today I have a point to prove!!!
Today, I am suiting up.
Today I am to play for the conclusion of the silent treatment game. Once and for all.

I will not loose. I will not crack under pressure.
After all, the series has just begun and there are 6 more games to be played. How much do you want it, huh?

30 second time out:
I'm loosing my mind in the process and my heart is breaking down. My days have been crumbling before me. Everything is harder without him. In my heart I hope he's as miserable as me. But alas, I doubt it. He is a professional after all and has already made the all-star team.

I am tired and I'm running out of stamina. It would be so easy to forfeit... The ball is in my court. If i give in now, I will lose forever. What will I do?



Have you ever just stood still and watched the world pass you by. What a wierd feeling that is. You can't change it, it moves to fast and with a force to strong. You can try to sway it to your moves and your cycles, but how much energy that would take. Better it be to just sit and be still, realizing that it moves on without you. Yes, we as individuals are just miniscule specs in the span of the universe. How embolding and powerful that is to know. Wierd huh?

Whenever you feel that the world is going to end because your day is messed up or something terrible has just occured, just remember that in the scheme of the universe, your problems really don't matter.

SO, appreciate the people in your lyfe that care about you and what happens to you because they are the only ones that make your existence valuable.

I am

I am nothing more than me
In my faults
In my glory
In my failures
In my mind

It is the simple summation of years of calculations