MAKING THE BAND 4: Let's make it happen

Yea! This show was hot! I'm going to be watching this on the regular! Here is my recap:

1. The boys can SING!! WHEW!! I'm already buying that album
2. D.Woods, Dawn and Shannon can sing
3. Abri is.... dare i say it.... too much/slutty. She needs to sit down
4. Diddy gets on my nerves. Those boys sounded good in the studio. He's making drama out of nothing. I think half of that crap is for tv. The other half is him trying to intimidate somebody. He needs to go sit down with Abri.
5. I think Qwanell and Will are some cool dudes.
6. I think Dawn and Q are cute. HOWEVER, don't mix business with pleasure.
7. Why does this have to be a competition. Why does it have to be THAT much stressful for them. GEEZ
8. If Diddy wasn't on the show, I'd still watch
9. The boyz need a group name. REGARDLESS, i'm still buying that album. That first song was so hott
10. I will be watching next week. 

That's my top 10 thoughts y'all. What did you think??


My own Version of "WHO ROCKED IT BETTER

WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER!!! You betta recognize


I love this commercial


Especially the part where the man is schocked and he throws his stuff away. lol