to: Baby Boomers,

It is time for you to retire. Do you understand that because you fail to retire you are setting of a chain of economical issues that are sure to affect us for the next 20 years. Let me break it down for you because clearly you DON’T get it. (step 1 leads to step 2, etc.)

1. Economy: The bottom fell out during the years of the Bush. Stocks dropped. Spending stopped. Companies flopped.
2. Baby Boomers: You lost ½ of your 401k and retirement income so now you think you need to stay at work longer because 1) you need to build your money back up and 2) your 20 year old children are dependent on you because *GASP* they have yet to find a job post college and have thousands upon thousands in student loans.
3. Recent grads can’t find jobs because job opportunities are limited. Why are they limited? Because baby boomers won’t FREAKING retire. Now the few jobs that are available are taken by those with 10-30+ years of experience. In these trying times what HR representative would hire a recent graduate with intern experience over someone with 10-20+ years. (yes it’s true- Those with more experience are now competing in lower-end jobs because they are looking for ANYTHING that will help them pay the bills).
4. So Mom and Dad, here is the synopsis. The reason why your recent graduates stay at home longer, mooching off of you is because you and your MASSIVE baby boomer co-workers won’t MOVE THE HECK OUT THE WAY. Here’s my poem.

Ode to Old People

Baby boomers won’t retire

Recent grads can’t get hired

Recent grads stay at home

Recent grads default on school loans

Recent grads can’t buy homes

Banks can no longer function alone

Government decides to lends them money

Taxes go up for everybody

Economy won’t go up

Recent grads still out of luck

Recent grads apply at Target

While waiting for a better job market

Recent grads goes back to school

Pays more money like a fool

20 years now have passed

Baby Boomers depart in masse

Who is there to take their place?

My five degrees can’t replace

The work experience you’ve snatched away


Drake performes Live

Photo from MuchMusic
Man, all the cameras. I'm getting less and less excited about Drake and more and more concerned about the choas.

My Place and Sidelines Restaurants in the Washington Post

Struggling Restaurants Tap Into Md. Night Life
The crowd enjoys the music at My Place Sports Bar, but restaurants that transform into night spots have become an issue in the Maryland suburbs. (By Dominic Bracco Ii For The Washington
By Ovetta WigginsWashington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 15, 2009

Several restaurants in Prince George's and Montgomery counties have come up with an unorthodox way to stay afloat in today's economy: charge people to come through their doors.
With the new nighttime cover charges, restaurants are adding live bands, karaoke nights and pool tables to lure customers, said Kathie Durbin, chief of licensure, regulation and education for the Montgomery Department of Liquor Control.

"In this economy, people are trying to be creative," she said.

The restaurants are not breaking any regulations as long as they continue to serve food, Durbin said. The liquor control board routinely checks that restaurants, regardless of whether they provide entertainment, take in no more than half their revenue from alcohol sales, she said.
In Prince George's, restaurants with liquor licenses are required to receive liquor control board approval to offer new attractions. But some Prince George's residents complain that a handful of restaurants have essentially turned themselves into nightclubs. They are asking the county to provide better oversight.

"We have to find a better way of managing them," said Phil Lee, president of the Kettering Civic Federation.

Lee said that a nightclub crowd is different from a restaurant crowd and that nightclubs are more apt to breed violence. He cited a shooting this year at Sidelines Restaurant in Largo that left a man dead, linking the incident to a change in clientele.

Del. Michael L. Vaughn (D-Prince George's) said he is concerned that some restaurants have misrepresented themselves to the public.

"I've never been to a restaurant that charges a cover charge," Vaughn said. "I think we need to look at how we are doing things in this particular sector, set some guidelines and regulations."
Adrianne Goode, the owner of Peachez restaurant in Upper Marlboro, said she wants to start offering karaoke and a disc jockey. Currently patrons listen to live jazz music without paying a cover charge.

"The economy has really hurt us," Goode said. "A lot of people are not eating out . . . and on top of that, we are competing with D.C. venues. . . . We need to provide our clients [with] entertainment."

Franklin D. Jackson, chairman of the Prince George's liquor control board, said the board plans to hold public hearings in the next several weeks to discuss the operations of several restaurants, including Sidelines, My Place Sports Bar & Grill in Mitchellville, the Half Note in Bowie and Peachez.

Read the entire article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/14/AR2009051403990.html?hpid=moreheadlines


Hating on the Word Hater

Well since everyones seems to be currently voicing their opinions about being a "Hater" I thought i'd catch the wave and Re-post a blog I wrote on this subject over two years ago. Yes, yall are behind! lol/jk. Read a Very Smart Brothers' thoughts on the subject and then read mine.

I hate the term hatin." Just because you have an opinion about something that happens to be negative doesn't mean your a hater. Sometimes it's not even negative, it's just honest. We can't always have good opinions about something and everyone has different view points. Now it seems that if we don't preface our comments with, "I'm not hating but..." then we are cast aside with the rest of the "haters."

Shouldn't we be able to express our opinion be it, positive or negative, without being called a hater just because we don't like it. If a hater = someone who has a negative opinion, THEN where would the world be without hater's. We need both.

In that case:

Yes, I'm hating on George Bush and I can't wait till he's out of office
Yes, I'm hating on Kiamsha alumni who haven't once come back to mentor/help these kids
Yes, I'm hating on Rihanna's new song. WHO IS SHE? I just don't like it!! I'm not hating on the child. I could care less about her.

Yes, I'm hating on Usher and R.Kelly's new song. They could have done better. Point blanck, PERIOD. I'm not hating on them. I love both of them.

On the other hand......

I'm loving lupe fiasco's song "He say, she say" for shedding some light on the "absentee father" and its OBVIOUS affect on today's black youth. "Give them a fighting chance."

I'm loving those who have come back to help and be in the conference
I'm loving the fact that David has RSVP'd for the Saturday Academy Alumni program this weekend. I haven't seen him in a while. Now if we could just see John.
Posted by Deja~I~Am at 13:17


The answer to the question in women's heads

"yeah you cute but please don't let that go to yo head, cuz the ish that you won't do shawty anotha one will."
- My bruh
And therein lies the problem with our men. SMH. I'm through trying to rationalize them or explain what they really mean. Here it is in a nutshell.
You nasty bums are shallow. (and that was the nice version).
If you need further proof please read Demetria L. article in Essence this month. What a mess. Further proof, one guy said, "If your hip to butt ratio isn't on point, then I can't get into a serious relationship with you."


It's time for the brackets

THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE BRACKET!!!! Download your bracket at http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/downloads/BestRapperEver_Brackets.pdf/

I want to know who you have going all the way!!

Competition begins Monday, May 18! So hurry up and do this.


Weekend Warrior has fizzled

I can't get my mind around this weekend. so let me write it out.

Friday: NOTHING! Thank goodness. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I am pooped. Not necessarily tired, but just pooped. This would have been a great day to snuggle and watch movies with Ant.M. Oh well.

Saturday: My sister wants me to go back to Baltimore again for this model call. :-\ We'll see if I feel like going. At the moment, who knows. And then I have to go see CC dance at Towson for their fashion show. It's her last performance so i have to go.

Sunday: Church. Then, I'm supposed to go see KC sing up at Indulj. I have to make that as well.

Next weekend:
Friday: Coctails at the Spy Museum with Shannon.
Saturday: Drake Comes to town. Big Hooplah. A whole bunch of my Alpha friends are coming to town, so this may lead to some Sunday events as well.

Next Next Weekend
Friday: Surgery
Saturday: 1. Sisters brunch at Cafe Promenade 2. Wedding rehearsal

GOSH. I'm pooped!


It isn't the big troubles in life that require character. Anybody can rise to a crisis and face a crushing tragedy with courage, but to meet the petty hazards of the day with a laugh--I really think that requires SPIRIT.

- Jean Webster, "Daddy Long Legs"


I'll love you when your hair turns gray girl; and i'll still want you when you gain a little weight, girl...

Musiq Soulchild provides the musical accompaniment for this post.

My friend went to visit his girl last night. She’s pretty. Medium to long hair, lighter skin tone and freckles. He was ghastly shocked, however, when she stepped out of the house, and the side of her head was shaved off, with a natural hawk sticking up in the middle.

Talking to him this morning really opened my eyes. I ranted to him, not to be one of those “brainwashed” black men who only like their light-skinned girlfriends to have long hair. In response, he simply asked me if I had seen her picture, which I’m sure he snapped for “evidence.” I had not but I was sure it couldn’t be that bad.

He sent it over and Gasp, her hair was drastically different. You could tell her motivation was the Cassie/J.Davey look (see below. For privacy reasons I will not be uploading her pic). I stared at it for a minute to see if I liked it. Honestly, I didn’t but I shot it off to j.a.c to see if maybe something was wrong with me. She liked it. “well she's a cute girl so that helps. she's wearing her hairstyle with confidence and sometimes no matter what the hairstyle looks like, confidence is all you need to rock it.”

So anyway, because I knew my guy friend, I spent the next 20-30 minutes trying to convince him NOT to stop talking to her. Our convo went something like this (snipet).

Me: some people think that looks good! I'm sure it will grow on you. I've gotta see it in person! It may look better. It may grow on me.
Him: i dont know bout that, its crazy
Me: don't be a jerk and stop talking to her. I will beat you up. I know you are not that shallow.
Him: lol ill see
Me: wow.. you really are that shallow.
Him: No I’m not
Me: you're lucky my work phone is not letting me call 240 right now for some reason. lol. You know I was about to call you!
Him: Good, cuz I don’t wanna hear it. LOL
Me: HA HAHAHAH. Here are some pictures of singer j.davey & cassie. Both rock the hawk
Him: lol and that’s where she got it from, they look a mess.
Me: well at least she's edgy. We gotta give her credit for that.
Him: if u wanna call it that. she just looks so different now.

And that’s when I finally got it. My friend is no different than every other guy out here who suffers from the “This is not what I signed up for” syndrome. For example when after two people get married, the woman begins to pick up weight, or stops updating her wardrobe, or seizes to wear makeup. Most men have serious problems with it.

I remember talking to MJ one day and he explained that guys have to be attracted to the girl and think she’s beautiful if they decide to be with her. There is no “well she has SWAG and that kinda makes her cuter.” NO, either she is or she isn’t. And if she isn’t, than for most guys, there is no need for a relationship.

My other friend DG said, “I don’t know why girls haven’t figured this out yet. Stay in the gym and get your hair done. It’s that simple. We don’t ask for much, but yall just don’t get it.” When I said, well we have a lot to do/pay for; nails, accessories, etc. He said, Ain’t nobody tell you to do all that. Men know that girls like a certain type of body, so what do we do? We go to the gym. It’s that simple.”

So, I say all that to say, if a women changes her look mid-relationship, this can potentially cause a serious problem. But should women while stating their wedding vows pledge to “love, cherish, and never change as long as we both shall live?” On the other hand, it is important to please your mate. What do we do.

What is your take on this conundrum?

("Just as long as your love don't change." - Musiq Soulchild fades out.)

How do you feel about Waterbording?


Please share your comments.


After contemplating which bike I would get between the Suzuki GSX 600 (on the left) or the Yamaha R6. I have decided to go ahead and get the GSX 600 because its a little more user friendly and this will be my first bike! It's sexy ain't it!




Weekend Warrior

Friday: After work Drinks at a cool bar in DC and a Movie. We are going to see obsessed. I just want to see if Bey SUCKS. I know, Ima hater.

Saturday: Saturday Brunch with the ladies at an outside patio restaurant. Then taking the motorcycle out for a spin via my friend, D. Then, Shannon's B-day outing.

Sunday: Church and then business meeting to finally get this company off the ground.

Great fulfilling weekend!

Friday Sickness

Why is it that everytime Friday rolls around and i'm ready to PAR-TAY!! I get an uncontrollable headache that starts at my temples cirlces my eyes, goes through my nostrals and heads down to my neck and settles in my back!!! I feel like jabbing my fists into my sockets (which I have to carefully refrain from touching because I can't mess up my eye makeup. :-/ I'm going out tonight!!).

Those who know me know that I suffer from chronic headaches and/or migraines. (SHOOT I FORGOT TO GET THAT NEW PERSCRIPTION OUT OF THE PHARMACY). I have some very strong (read narcotic) medicines but I hate taking them because they wipe me out and make me feel woozy (read high)! So instead, I used to pop excedrin everyday or every other day. Now, I can't even take that anymore because as my doctor explains it, "my body has developed a dependency on the medicine and waits for it when a headache arrives." So everyday, I exist with a dull headache. It never really goes away. I just live with it.

My new perscription medicine, which I forgot to take out, is a pill that I will pop everyday that will hopefully reduce the frequency and intensity of these headaches.

Anyway, I say all this to say, I'm STILL GOING OUT TONIGHT!!!! Yes sir! I refuse to stop my life because of these things.


They Photoshopped the Prez

To add insult to injury. They photoshopped the president in this picture. The shorts he was wearing in on the magazine below were BLACK not RED!! This pic has been floating around for a while and everyone has seen it so the change was blatantly obvious. READ about the outrage here. But for those who want the short version, read my favorite comments below

"This is not just any man whose half-naked body you are exploiting with your prurient self interest. This man is the chief representative of our society to the rest of the world. And so, when you use and cheapen his likeness as you have, you take something from all of us."

I believe it is disrespectful to have our awesome President of the United States, shirtless on your cover - however there is no denying that Mr. Obama is hot and looks great !!!!!!!

What a stupid idea to change the original picture which looked great. Only shows how stupid newpaper editors have become in this country. Two thumbs down for the Washington Post. The Predident should sue you to publish the original version.

Come on now, is there really this many people upset over this? You sound like my grandparents bickering and giving a lecture at Thanksgiving dinner. Do us a favor, go back to reading AARP Magazine and playing scrabble. Lighten up people!

cool picture. We should all have a look on how he is running his job and not how he is looking like in shorts. I feel with a pic like this, you show us all, that a president is by the end of the day also only a human being.

I think it is tasteless and part of this outrageous celebrity culture tjhat transfomrs people in products for consumption and idolization of appearances, superficiality and fashion styles. Not at all appropriate for a president and senseless. People didn’t vote for him becasue of this physical appearance; they voted for him because he is a thinker whose capital is his brain and knowledge about issues and capacity to lead , tackle and resolve the pressing problems of the country, and inspire. We have an intelligent, smart, competent and healthy president. I am disappointed in the magazine for having fallen into this culture that is not helping the country.

Get a grip people, it’s just a picture. He looks like he just left the gym or on vacation or something. It’s nothing provocative at all. He’s not the idol god everyone keeps trying to make him out to be, he is a middle aged man, emphasis on man, who happens to be the President. He’s showing people how to chill and relax sometimes. You don’t have to always act like you have a broom stuck up your A**.

I explained my thoughts in my previous blog below.

Anyway, just though i'd post the full image.

Confession: I've been leading a double life!

The truth is. I have another blog


whew! I feel better.

.The End.

OH! ok..... :-? LOL

Hmmmm. So of course this has sparked SO much discussion. My insider at the Washingtonian explained that even though this cover has only been officially released today, they have already recieved hundreds if not thousands of comments. They span the gamet of, this cover is racist, it's prodemocratic, it's antidemocratic, it's pro-republican, it's anti-republican.
Whatever it is, I know that i'm a little uncomfortable looking at my Prez in his trunks. But then someone on YouTube posted a video of all the presidents who were caught with their shirts off in photos. It appears Prez O was not the first one. Take a peak here.

What do you think?
.The End.


What are you trying to tell me?

I think someone is trying to tell me something. I do this 8 to 5 thing as a contractor, knowing in the back of my heart that this is NOT where I want to be. Every now and then, I even get mad at where I am in my life and I couldn’t understand why things weren’t unfolding right for me. Now I do. This past week so many messages have been THROWN IN MY FACE. They are the answers to my question.

The Answer: I’m Lazy
Some people have that can’t stop, won’t stop, work work work drive. It’s innate in them. Sitting around, makes them frustrated. And although people from the outside looking in see me and think I do, I don’t.

I admire people like Diddy and especially rappers, all of them, because they hustle so hard. ALL the TIME. I’d rather sit and home and watch a movie. But most people who are wildly successful have that internal drive that won’t let them sleep at 2am when they have to wake up at 6am. Let me give you all the examples that have HIT me in my face in the past 7 days.

1) I follow Diddy’s tweets, and even though he’s sick as a dog this week, he is still inspiring himself to Dream big. He has started this whole LOCKED IN movement. What? That’s crazy. Even with a self-proclaimed fever of 103. (I lose productivity when I don’t feel “right” in the morning).

2) I read a Weezy article yesterday. He was explaining what it took to me a member of his group Young Money. I wish I could relocate the interview but he said something to the affect of “I never stop, I’m always running and I keep going. When I meet somebody that has that drive that can keep up with me I keep them around me because they have Young Money potential.’

3) Drizzy Drake did 3 mixtapes in an effort to PROVE and SOLIDIFY his audience. He says, he could have gotten a record deal after his first tape but it wasn’t time yet. So, instead, he grinded it out and did mixtapes for free. He said he had so many strikes against him, his teenage TV show, being from Toronto, Singing and Rapping, etc. but instead of letting his music dream go, he kept pushing and now, he says, it just adds to his story and makes him great!

4) Rev Run shared this with me this morning: “KID ROCK IS RELENTLESS. Author..-John Maxwell... While looking at Kid perform night after night for hours and hours and rehearse during the day.. I said to myself whoa this dude is amazingly talented! THEN as I saw the work ethic, I came to the conclusion That having talent is just the beginning.. God gives us talent and its up to us to cherish and develop it, so we can serve others and make God proud.. This dude would do whatever it took to rock the house and give the world a good time... Props to Kid! In conclusion I say... Practice Practice Practice! I read a quote that's fitting for this word of wisdom.. If I miss a day of practice, I know it.. If I miss two days of practice my manager knows it. If I miss three days of practice my audience knows it... Develop your craft everyone! Practice”

5) I finished reading one of my sisters books about a female African American Marketing Director at an all white pharmaceutical company. She worked long hours day after day, checking and rechecking her work. She was stressed but her determination literally paid off.

6) Then this morning I come to work and my co-worker shares with me his slide show presentation and went on to explain that this is his first presentation with the big wigs and has been working 50-60 hours a week and 4 hours plus on the weekends. When I asked why, he said simply, “well I’m highly ambitious.”

7) My sister just went off to do a photography shoot for her friend Toya who owns an online boutique last weekend. It’s small and simple, but she’s doing it! And in 10 years she may have 5 stores. I’m not mad. By the way, the pics turned out great!

8) Russell Simmons said in his book the difference between the average person and the most successful people are that the successful people follow through on their ideas. That’s it, simple DRIVE and FOLLOW THROUGH! That really hit me. I have so many dreams and ideas but I have not made any MOVES with any consistency.

Don’t you think someone is trying to tell me something?

I can’t stop

.The end.


Drakes Coming to me!!!

Drake will be performing in Washington, DC on May 16, 2009 at Love nightclub.
I might actually have to make an appearance in LOVE!!! :-/

From my sources I hear the tickets will be $50!!! Wowzers.

See you soon hun.. MUAH
.The end.


To my current headache

PLEASE PLEASE headache go away. It's friday and i'm ready to Par-Tay



Good News!! I passed my Praxis Exam.

I got 190 out of a possible 200 points!!!!!! The passing score was 164 and the average score was 165-187.



Intro Intro Intro Introducing

Hello Everyone. There is a new blog in the blogosphere. "Nike Boots: The Makings of an Urban Man from D.C." I am officially putting my stamp of endorsement on it. However, let me first disclose that I am in no way an unbiased follower of this blog!!

.The End.


You wanna go to Paris. I'll take you

Need a vacay? Come away with me in the night! hehe
Follow me on a 36 hour getaway to Paris. Click through

1. Our itinerary

But of Course our first stop is the E. Tower. (if you can't see the interactive map click "view larger map" and have a look around. No like, for real. you can look around. How cool!

View Larger Map

2. We have to stop at the park we see along the way!! It's so beautfiful.

3. MMHMM let's grab some Parisian Chocalate (click the camera photographs- they are links)

4. Time to eat some real food and a brother is at grill. You know its on. This has audio so if you at work turn it down.

5. Designer Jean Paul Gaultier takes us on a personal tour. We are sooo VIP. Gotta check out the Hermes store!!! sigh

6. The Parisian Churches are so beautiful

7. Time is winding down. We have to speed through the rest

8. What a great trip...wait! What did you say. Paris fashion is going on sale in January. We have to go back!!

I'm tired. How about you?



B looks great in most of those. Really simple. Where was I during these years, cuz the B I know always dressed horribly and had either an obvious lacefront or seabiscuit hair. And by the way I am not a B stan in anyway, so i'm just being honest.

By the way, saw my girl Teedra last night. She was awsome of course. Stood behind a -not so skinny - tipsy women for 2 hours as she pushed her big poofball hair in my face just to see her. My back was aching and my heels hurt but once Teedra got on I danced the night away. I may even have sweated out some water weight while there cuz lawd knows it was hot in there.


Today was a tempting day. I literally had to struggle to keep from giving in. I just wanted one, just one and I wanted it SO bad. I know you were just being nice but you can't tempt me like that. I can literally sense it on the floor next to me. Oh Lord give me strength.


Morning Musings


The Kiamsha newsletter is going to be bomb! I love doing it because I love the layout and look of it! It's coming out tommorow. Visit our blog, KORE to take a peak.
So I need to stop myself from reading a specific blog that shall remain nameless. The posts and the commentors are so far twisted from being spiritually and morally correct that I begin to feel like a prude. NO, they are wrong! not me. The blog covers topics such as waiting 90 days before sex. Some people comment that- that's too long and they would opt to have j.o.'s on the side while waiting. WHAT? Forget the spiritual requirement to wait until marriage, these fools can't wait 90 days?!?!? Other topics that bothered me where concerning pre-nups, etc. It's not really the post perse that bothers me. It is the collective mindset of the commentors.

To be clear, I actually liked the blog. The blogger wrote exceptionally well and posted numerous descriptive stories that I ate up. But lately, I just can't do it anymore. Everything is not for everyone! I wish her blog and her followers the best but i'm turning in my membership card.

My sister had me cracking up on the train with her modern day descriptions of the story of Moses. I'm going to paraphrase our discussion but I hope I can get this right.

J.a.c: Did you know Moses was almost killed by Pharoah?
me: What? I don't remember that. Why?
j.a.c.: because he whipped an Egyption.
me: what?
J.a.c.: yea girl. Here's what it said. Basically, Moses saw one of his fellow Hebrews being whipped by an egyption. So Moses looked left, and then looked right -- as in checking for witnesses on the sneak tip-- then proceeded get a good slash in on the egyption himself.
me: LOL. Dang, Moses was DOWN for his people!
J.a.c: True. Then later he was trying to break up a fight between two Hebrews hommies and one of them was like. 'So what? You gonna beat me like you beat the egyption?' Moses was like, what? Somebody must have peeped me and the word got out!! It's all over the streetz now.
me: Dang, somebody snitched?!?!
J.a.c.: yep and Pharoah must have heard so he wanted to kill him
me: Wow, that was like modern day drama

Other modern day drama from the bible.
The first baby mamma drama- For Real
Abraham's wife Sarah couldn't have a baby. So Sarah told Abraham he could have a baby with her servent girl. After the baby was born Sarah started to get salty. Adding to the problem, the servent girl started feeling herself because she had Abraham's only son. Sarah just sucked it up.

Later, God told Sarah she would concieve. At first Sarah didn't believe it because she was... well.... let's be frank... menapausal. But alas, through the power of God, she did. So Abraham now had two baby mammas, who struggled to put up with each other.

One day, the two half-brothers were playing together and the servent girls son started picking on Sarah's son. Sarah got heated and told Abraham "Uh uh- this is not happening to my son. They got to go." Abraham was like, "dang!! You really going to ask me to kick my son and his mother out on the street?" Sarah was like, "this house is not big enough for the both of us."

Abraham was stressed. Finally, God came and told him, "listen to your Sarah, she is your wife. I will take care of your son."

So Abraham did as God told him. The servent girl and her son were kicked out to the wilderness and God provided them with food and water.

**Man, let this be a lesson.



I just really don't like winey, emotional men. It makes me so disgusted that I almost gag in my mouth. I mean really, "you're turning my OFF."

I honestly just don't understand it. Like, what made you like that? LOL. It's even more difficult for me because my normal personality is not winey and emotional. Yea, I get like that sometimes in different cirmcumstances but not on the regular. It's not my personality, so it's just so hard for me to put up with. WHY ARE YOU A MARSHMELLOW AND I'M NOT????? Cut the mess and get a backbone.

To be honest, I don't like that trait in girls either. Honestly, it could just be my "problem." My family always says that i'm mean and my boyfriend says that sometimes I lack that female mushiness. But so what? I can show proper compassion when the situation calls for it; if you're sincerely feeling down, if your team is officially out of the NCAA tournament, etc. but if its something stupid and/or it's just your normal personality, I'm just too through. Miss me with that and go on to the next person.

eh, that enough.


Falling head over heels


So, I'm in love.

I remember this dude from Degrassi. lol. I didn't pay him no mind. LOL. But to be fair to myself, I fell in love with his music first. I didn't even know this was the same person.

However, he said (and I'm paraphrasing) 'he looks at himself as a product, which he has to because when he comes on the stage the ladies have to swoon.' Somthing to that affect. If he gets a big head, my love will fade. DON'T let that happen please!! cuz I want to be down for him.
Eh, that's it.

Shhhh it's on the low

Us with our girl

T Fans for Lyfe

So, I heard or rather read a rumor that Teedra Moses' album Young Lioness is out there -- somewhere. It's just on the low because I guess issues with the label and it coming out. She always claimed it was indefinitely postponed. WELL, some people have heard it! And I am supposed to be a part of that group who has.

MAAAAN, I'm on a mission. I'm gonna find it if I gotta call Teedra herself. If you have any clues, send them my way. If you don't get out of the way!


Hello World

Today is the first day of the start of my new life. I feel like i'm in a rebirth stage and its totally necessary. When i re-emerge, I will be beautiful. Wish me luck. But right now, I just need to erase and start again from scratch.

Stage of Metamorphasis

Pupa: The Transition Stage
When the caterpillar is full grown and stops eating, it becomes a pupa. The pupa of butterflies is also called a chrysalis.
Depending on the species, the pupa may suspended under a branch, hidden in leaves or buried underground. The pupa of many moths is protected inside a coccoon of silk.
This stage can last from a few weeks, a month or even longer. Some species have a pupal stage that lasts for two years.
It may look like nothing is going on but big changes are happening inside. Special cells that were present in the larva are now growing rapidly. They will become the legs, wings, eyes and other parts of the adult butterfly. Many of the original larva cells will provide energy for these growing adult cells.



My favorite Fmylife moments: Enjoy

Today, I went to the gym with two of my friends expecting to pay a guest fee but the cute guy working at the front desk let me in for free. On the way out after working out I started to flirt with him and he said "Don't flatter yourself, I just let you in because I'm lazy." FML

Today, a co-worker and I walked out of our office at the same time. He got in his car, which was parked right out front. I asked him what I had to do to get a sweet parking spot like that. He proceeded to roll up his pant leg and show me his prosthesis. He was in the handicapped spot. FML

Today, I was at my friends house celebrating his 16th birthday. I couldn't find my phone so I asked my friend's girl if I could borrow her phone to see if I could hear mine ringing. I dial my number and look down to find she has my number is saved in her phone as ASS FACE #3. FML

Today, I got up extra early to curl my hair because I wanted to look nice at school for a change. After coming downstairs my mom yells at me and says, "See, when you don't wake up on time your hair looks like that. You could have atleast combed it!" FML

Today, I got a phone call from a detective in response to my stolen car that has been missing since St. Patrick's Day. He told me that he had found my car, but was chuckling the whole time. Turns out, I had parked my car in a different lot. I haven't had it for a week. It was never stolen. FML

Today, I was at a sandwich shop and couldn't help but secretly remove a loose hair from a girl standing in front of me. I yanked it and she instantly began screaming and crying. It was in fact a very long mole hair. The thing started bleeding like a gunshot wound. My apologies went unnoticed. FML

Today, I suggested that my mother download Skype so we could video chat while I'm studying in London over the summer. After I had explained how it worked and that it was free, she said "Well...you'll only be gone for a few months. It's not really worth it." FML

Today, I decided to start working out because my friends said I'm scrawny and weak. I bought an expensive giant container of protein powder to take before during work outs. I wasn't strong enough to open the lid. FML

Today, I saw my boyfriend for the last time for two years. When we got back from dinner, we sat in his truck for a little while to talk. A few minutes later, my mom comes flying out of my house screaming, "Satan is here, and he is tempting you!" That is the last memory he will have of me. FML

some of these I feel really bad about. Boy, this was funny but now its depressing me........... LMBO

Boy on the Metro

The boy in front of me on the subway train keeps his eyes pointed at the ground. His ripped army fatigued shoulder slung backpack exposes three binders and numerous pages of schoolwork thrown carelessly in between. Although he wears jordans they are team jordans. Symbolic of the fact that he tries to fit in but doesn't quite make it. His blue and grey plaid shirt covers a blue polo shirt that creeps up his neck to his thick unshapped hairline. while he readjusts himself, trying to find a " cool" stance and comfortable position against the poll, I want to scream, HAVE CONFIDENCE in yourself. He can't be any older than 14 and I see many of the insecurities that I used to have in his unsure gaze. If I could somehow magically impart to him everything I know now it would change his whole life or atleast allow him to avoid many uncomfortable moments, missed opportunities, missed fun, and regrets. Only if I could tell him get a shape up and atleast fake it till you make it. If I could just tell him to hold on becasue sooner rather than later most of those insecurities will fade away. Only if I could have known at 14 what I know at 23!! Only if I could spare him!!

Do you have confidence. Take the test http://www.theconfidentclub.com/calculator/index.htm

I got a 36


Its Pay Day BAYBAY

I hope they got my timesheets over there. I faxed them in but the fax machine over here is sketchy. EEK!!! Hopefully, when I go over there today (I work 2 blocks from my contracting company) they will have my dough!!!

My version of RanDumb thoughts (I'm not a swagger jacker (j.a.c's blog) but I just had to today... Just a little bit)

I need to get my ticket. I'm going to Oklahoma in April and the Bahamas the first week of June. All this money is going out but all these bills just keep coming in.
Today, I think I'm going to ask someone out on a date. Any ideas of fun things to do?
Did I mention it was payday!!
I need a new good book to get me through the day. I started and finished one on Wednesday, I mean it was trash but I needed something on the train.
I forgot my headphones so no music today. My music isn't suitable to be played even on low tones because Pandora can throw some unexpected songs in the mix and obviously an Ipod without headphones just won't work.

I just need it to warm up outside. Just till the point when I don't have to wear these dang stockings. Or to the point when as I come up from the metro, I don't have to bite back the chill that runs through me.

Today, my co-worker said, "its just one of those days, huh." What? "Is it that transparent on my face," I asked. She said, "yep." I didn't get home till 12am last night and then had a serious discussion on the phone afterwards. Its going to be a rough one. Maybe I'll do a happy hour after this. That could be a good date right?

Eh, that's enough.


He Apologized Today (whatever)

I know that's really big for him (rolling my eyes) but at this point is it a little too late? I know i'm over the issue but the fact that i'm fed up with it and really don't care anymore may be a sign that i'm over this whole "relationship." It was just too immature and didn't have a purpose.

I'm already a little wishy washy, espcially when the "relationship" is long distance. After weeks - and months in my case- of separation, I tend to "get over" missing the significant other which in essence is the same process of "getting over" a break up. So when he comes home it's essential that I see him in order to reinvigorate my commitment to the "relationship." Well, days passed and that has not happened, and now, I really have no drive or desire to make it happen.

I didn't apologize for anything, because its not my fault and I always apologize just to smooth things over. So in essence, I could apologize for "any miscommunication on my part" but thats a bull sh&* apology without any meaning or substance and I just don't feel like smoothing his ego over.

It's Tuesday. He's got four more days in town. Lets see if he comes to me because i think that's the only way its going to work at this point.

c'est la vie.

I think i'm going to do this

CAREER FAIR On Monday, March 23rd, the Washington Wizards will present the Sports and Entertainment Career Fair. This Fair will give you the chance to meet with representatives from the best sports & entertainment companies in the Washington, DC area! Companies will be looking to fill full-time, part-time, and internship positions. The career fair will take place at Verizon Center from 2:00-4:30pm, each ticket costs $25 which includes admission to the career fair and an upper level ticket to the Wizards vs. Bulls game that night at 7pm! Click here to purchase tickets. http://www.verizoncenter.com/news/employment.shtml

I think I may actually go to this. I can go on my lunch break. Anyone who know me knows that I am desperatly seeking an "in" in the field of entertainment PR. I'm at a crossroads in my professional life right now and deciding whether to pursue my Teach for America contract or follow my passion in media and entertainment. This is a big decision and I have yet to make it. Currently, I am working on both, studying like CRaZY for the Praxis Teaching Certification exam, and networking, searching and applying for jobs/internships. This is all while in graduate school, working full time, completing my Kiamsha responsibilities and church. Whew!

The ball game at 7pm sounds nice. I think I will go by myself. It's in the upper seats and I will get some popcorn and go after work. I work right next to the verizon center. I am literally looking out my window at huge poster of Gilbert A. right now. And I don't have any commitments on Monday night, except Kiamsha, which I can miss.

I'm thinking about taking a board position at Teens Express - its a non-profit organization that works to foster the artistic creativity and skills of youth interested in performing arts. Thats cool. I mean I have done my share of performing in plays like "Our Town" "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" "Peter Pan" and of course "Kiamsha" and singing has always been my thing. The only thing I can't do is dance, and thats funny because i've been dancing from the age of 4 all the way through senior year of high school.

But anyway Teens Express is similar in nature to Rush Philanthropic, which is dedicated to providing disadvantaged urban youth with significant arts exposure, access and education as well as providing exhibition opportunities to early and mid-career artists and artists of color.
Rush Philanthropic believes that if you give young people the opportunity to practice and appreciate art—whether poetry, music, dance or the visual arts—you will see lives transformed. Rush Philanthropic was founded by the Simmons Bros (Russell, Joe and Danny). I would LOVE to work there as well. It would be working in my field but in a positive, uplifting area.

I'm at lunch right now so i'll holla at yall later.


Morning Time Fun

I had one of those mornings that you only see in the movies.

I parked my car at the metro parking garage and began walking down to the subway station. By some coincidence, I happened to look at the back of my stockings. EEEK! To my surprise I had four or five runs creeping up the back of my leg. I ran back to the car and contemplated stripping out of my tights even though it was barely 40 degrees outside and I had on peep-toe pumps without any nail polish (a definite no no). After baring down I walked back to the metro station attempting to ignore the stares of other commuters who were obviously thinking “Is she crazy, it is not that warm outside.” Finally, the doors open and I opt to sit at the seat behind a glass barrier to hide my bare legs.

30 minutes later I finally make it to my stop and immediately began searching for a CVS downtown. I have to find some tights ASAP! I call my office because by this time I am more than 5 minutes late and ask for directions to the closest CVS. Brenda gives me some very sketchy directions to a CVS supposedly around the corner and I start off in search of it. After two or three blocks of searching without any success I decide it’s time to ask someone.

“Those are some pretty legs.”

Shoot!!! It’s the homeless man sitting outside the coffee shop drawing attention to me. I say thank you politely and attempt to move on but CAN YOU BELIEVE this man starts yelling after me shouting more “compliments.”

Ignoring him I finally spot a woman to ask directions.

“The CVS that was up this street is no longer open,” she says. “The closest CVS is on 8th and E.” I am on 5th and G. The CVS is three blocks up and two blocks over. SIGH. I turn back around and trek up the street. Once again ignoring the stares while my toes begin to freeze (remember, I am wearing peep-toe pumps).

“Those are some pretty legs.” It’s him again. “I would love, I mean do anything to sleep with those legs…….…..”

Finally, I make it to the CVS and find the perfect pair of jet-black, smooth tights. They feel great. After I purchase them I ask if there is a restroom for customers. Of course there isn’t. I head back up the street and spot a Starbucks. As I pass I remember all Starbucks have a restroom. I head straight towards it. LOCKED. Restrooms are for Starbucks customers only. So, I purchase a white chocolate mocha and grab the key. I change into my tights before leaving and throw all the extra materials I am carrying such as the CVS bag, receipt, newspaper, etc. into the trash.

Finally, I head back to my job, three blocks up and two blocks over. By this time35 minutes have passed. “Not too bad,” I say to myself while sipping my white mocha. Dang, the barrister forgot the whipped cream. Oh well. Once I reach the front of my building I search for my ID badge. Hmmm, it’s not in my pocket and definitely not in my hand. “Gosh, please don’t do this to me.” It’s not in my purse either. Just GREAT! Maybe I threw it away with the newspaper. So I head back to Starbucks….. three blocks up and two blocks over.

On the way back I take a glimpse in the dark window of the building next to me and see my reflection. Dangnabit! Are you kidding me, my hair has frizzed on the right side of my head and the right side ONLY (It is rainy and humid outside, while still being cold). I washed my hair last night and woke up extra early to flat iron it…. For nothing!!!

I make it back to the Starbucks, grab the key and dig (I mean literally, into the trash can). Nada but I do find the receipt to CVS. It has the business number on it. I grab my cell out my bag and dial…. automated. I press all the wrong options and it takes me three tries to finally reach someone. It’s there!!! Finally, a break! I head up the block back to CVS and grab my ID.

I exit CVS and begin my trek, 3 blocks down and two blocks over. It is now 9:00am. Searching for my tights took one hour. I make it my cube and plop into my seat.

“It’s Jay,” I say to my boss. “You would not believe my morning. I will come down there to tell you all about it but I just called to let you know I’m in.”


It’s only Monday.


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My last blog actually makes me embarrassed because its so personal and people may look at me negatively but i'm going to keep it up there. Don't judge.