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The Kiamsha newsletter is going to be bomb! I love doing it because I love the layout and look of it! It's coming out tommorow. Visit our blog, KORE to take a peak.
So I need to stop myself from reading a specific blog that shall remain nameless. The posts and the commentors are so far twisted from being spiritually and morally correct that I begin to feel like a prude. NO, they are wrong! not me. The blog covers topics such as waiting 90 days before sex. Some people comment that- that's too long and they would opt to have j.o.'s on the side while waiting. WHAT? Forget the spiritual requirement to wait until marriage, these fools can't wait 90 days?!?!? Other topics that bothered me where concerning pre-nups, etc. It's not really the post perse that bothers me. It is the collective mindset of the commentors.

To be clear, I actually liked the blog. The blogger wrote exceptionally well and posted numerous descriptive stories that I ate up. But lately, I just can't do it anymore. Everything is not for everyone! I wish her blog and her followers the best but i'm turning in my membership card.

My sister had me cracking up on the train with her modern day descriptions of the story of Moses. I'm going to paraphrase our discussion but I hope I can get this right.

J.a.c: Did you know Moses was almost killed by Pharoah?
me: What? I don't remember that. Why?
j.a.c.: because he whipped an Egyption.
me: what?
J.a.c.: yea girl. Here's what it said. Basically, Moses saw one of his fellow Hebrews being whipped by an egyption. So Moses looked left, and then looked right -- as in checking for witnesses on the sneak tip-- then proceeded get a good slash in on the egyption himself.
me: LOL. Dang, Moses was DOWN for his people!
J.a.c: True. Then later he was trying to break up a fight between two Hebrews hommies and one of them was like. 'So what? You gonna beat me like you beat the egyption?' Moses was like, what? Somebody must have peeped me and the word got out!! It's all over the streetz now.
me: Dang, somebody snitched?!?!
J.a.c.: yep and Pharoah must have heard so he wanted to kill him
me: Wow, that was like modern day drama

Other modern day drama from the bible.
The first baby mamma drama- For Real
Abraham's wife Sarah couldn't have a baby. So Sarah told Abraham he could have a baby with her servent girl. After the baby was born Sarah started to get salty. Adding to the problem, the servent girl started feeling herself because she had Abraham's only son. Sarah just sucked it up.

Later, God told Sarah she would concieve. At first Sarah didn't believe it because she was... well.... let's be frank... menapausal. But alas, through the power of God, she did. So Abraham now had two baby mammas, who struggled to put up with each other.

One day, the two half-brothers were playing together and the servent girls son started picking on Sarah's son. Sarah got heated and told Abraham "Uh uh- this is not happening to my son. They got to go." Abraham was like, "dang!! You really going to ask me to kick my son and his mother out on the street?" Sarah was like, "this house is not big enough for the both of us."

Abraham was stressed. Finally, God came and told him, "listen to your Sarah, she is your wife. I will take care of your son."

So Abraham did as God told him. The servent girl and her son were kicked out to the wilderness and God provided them with food and water.

**Man, let this be a lesson.


MJ said...

YO!! Moses went hard! Killed the egyptian and then hid him in the sand! Joint had me rollin on the train yesterday morning!

j.a.c. said...

LMBO! Love it.

Tiffany said...

I see now that i need to have bible study with you FOUR...young adult study, and i am dead serious!

T.C. said...

dude that there above was me...i was signed in under my other google account...

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