After contemplating which bike I would get between the Suzuki GSX 600 (on the left) or the Yamaha R6. I have decided to go ahead and get the GSX 600 because its a little more user friendly and this will be my first bike! It's sexy ain't it!




Weekend Warrior

Friday: After work Drinks at a cool bar in DC and a Movie. We are going to see obsessed. I just want to see if Bey SUCKS. I know, Ima hater.

Saturday: Saturday Brunch with the ladies at an outside patio restaurant. Then taking the motorcycle out for a spin via my friend, D. Then, Shannon's B-day outing.

Sunday: Church and then business meeting to finally get this company off the ground.

Great fulfilling weekend!

Friday Sickness

Why is it that everytime Friday rolls around and i'm ready to PAR-TAY!! I get an uncontrollable headache that starts at my temples cirlces my eyes, goes through my nostrals and heads down to my neck and settles in my back!!! I feel like jabbing my fists into my sockets (which I have to carefully refrain from touching because I can't mess up my eye makeup. :-/ I'm going out tonight!!).

Those who know me know that I suffer from chronic headaches and/or migraines. (SHOOT I FORGOT TO GET THAT NEW PERSCRIPTION OUT OF THE PHARMACY). I have some very strong (read narcotic) medicines but I hate taking them because they wipe me out and make me feel woozy (read high)! So instead, I used to pop excedrin everyday or every other day. Now, I can't even take that anymore because as my doctor explains it, "my body has developed a dependency on the medicine and waits for it when a headache arrives." So everyday, I exist with a dull headache. It never really goes away. I just live with it.

My new perscription medicine, which I forgot to take out, is a pill that I will pop everyday that will hopefully reduce the frequency and intensity of these headaches.

Anyway, I say all this to say, I'm STILL GOING OUT TONIGHT!!!! Yes sir! I refuse to stop my life because of these things.


They Photoshopped the Prez

To add insult to injury. They photoshopped the president in this picture. The shorts he was wearing in on the magazine below were BLACK not RED!! This pic has been floating around for a while and everyone has seen it so the change was blatantly obvious. READ about the outrage here. But for those who want the short version, read my favorite comments below

"This is not just any man whose half-naked body you are exploiting with your prurient self interest. This man is the chief representative of our society to the rest of the world. And so, when you use and cheapen his likeness as you have, you take something from all of us."

I believe it is disrespectful to have our awesome President of the United States, shirtless on your cover - however there is no denying that Mr. Obama is hot and looks great !!!!!!!

What a stupid idea to change the original picture which looked great. Only shows how stupid newpaper editors have become in this country. Two thumbs down for the Washington Post. The Predident should sue you to publish the original version.

Come on now, is there really this many people upset over this? You sound like my grandparents bickering and giving a lecture at Thanksgiving dinner. Do us a favor, go back to reading AARP Magazine and playing scrabble. Lighten up people!

cool picture. We should all have a look on how he is running his job and not how he is looking like in shorts. I feel with a pic like this, you show us all, that a president is by the end of the day also only a human being.

I think it is tasteless and part of this outrageous celebrity culture tjhat transfomrs people in products for consumption and idolization of appearances, superficiality and fashion styles. Not at all appropriate for a president and senseless. People didn’t vote for him becasue of this physical appearance; they voted for him because he is a thinker whose capital is his brain and knowledge about issues and capacity to lead , tackle and resolve the pressing problems of the country, and inspire. We have an intelligent, smart, competent and healthy president. I am disappointed in the magazine for having fallen into this culture that is not helping the country.

Get a grip people, it’s just a picture. He looks like he just left the gym or on vacation or something. It’s nothing provocative at all. He’s not the idol god everyone keeps trying to make him out to be, he is a middle aged man, emphasis on man, who happens to be the President. He’s showing people how to chill and relax sometimes. You don’t have to always act like you have a broom stuck up your A**.

I explained my thoughts in my previous blog below.

Anyway, just though i'd post the full image.

Confession: I've been leading a double life!

The truth is. I have another blog


whew! I feel better.

.The End.

OH! ok..... :-? LOL

Hmmmm. So of course this has sparked SO much discussion. My insider at the Washingtonian explained that even though this cover has only been officially released today, they have already recieved hundreds if not thousands of comments. They span the gamet of, this cover is racist, it's prodemocratic, it's antidemocratic, it's pro-republican, it's anti-republican.
Whatever it is, I know that i'm a little uncomfortable looking at my Prez in his trunks. But then someone on YouTube posted a video of all the presidents who were caught with their shirts off in photos. It appears Prez O was not the first one. Take a peak here.

What do you think?
.The End.


What are you trying to tell me?

I think someone is trying to tell me something. I do this 8 to 5 thing as a contractor, knowing in the back of my heart that this is NOT where I want to be. Every now and then, I even get mad at where I am in my life and I couldn’t understand why things weren’t unfolding right for me. Now I do. This past week so many messages have been THROWN IN MY FACE. They are the answers to my question.

The Answer: I’m Lazy
Some people have that can’t stop, won’t stop, work work work drive. It’s innate in them. Sitting around, makes them frustrated. And although people from the outside looking in see me and think I do, I don’t.

I admire people like Diddy and especially rappers, all of them, because they hustle so hard. ALL the TIME. I’d rather sit and home and watch a movie. But most people who are wildly successful have that internal drive that won’t let them sleep at 2am when they have to wake up at 6am. Let me give you all the examples that have HIT me in my face in the past 7 days.

1) I follow Diddy’s tweets, and even though he’s sick as a dog this week, he is still inspiring himself to Dream big. He has started this whole LOCKED IN movement. What? That’s crazy. Even with a self-proclaimed fever of 103. (I lose productivity when I don’t feel “right” in the morning).

2) I read a Weezy article yesterday. He was explaining what it took to me a member of his group Young Money. I wish I could relocate the interview but he said something to the affect of “I never stop, I’m always running and I keep going. When I meet somebody that has that drive that can keep up with me I keep them around me because they have Young Money potential.’

3) Drizzy Drake did 3 mixtapes in an effort to PROVE and SOLIDIFY his audience. He says, he could have gotten a record deal after his first tape but it wasn’t time yet. So, instead, he grinded it out and did mixtapes for free. He said he had so many strikes against him, his teenage TV show, being from Toronto, Singing and Rapping, etc. but instead of letting his music dream go, he kept pushing and now, he says, it just adds to his story and makes him great!

4) Rev Run shared this with me this morning: “KID ROCK IS RELENTLESS. Author..-John Maxwell... While looking at Kid perform night after night for hours and hours and rehearse during the day.. I said to myself whoa this dude is amazingly talented! THEN as I saw the work ethic, I came to the conclusion That having talent is just the beginning.. God gives us talent and its up to us to cherish and develop it, so we can serve others and make God proud.. This dude would do whatever it took to rock the house and give the world a good time... Props to Kid! In conclusion I say... Practice Practice Practice! I read a quote that's fitting for this word of wisdom.. If I miss a day of practice, I know it.. If I miss two days of practice my manager knows it. If I miss three days of practice my audience knows it... Develop your craft everyone! Practice”

5) I finished reading one of my sisters books about a female African American Marketing Director at an all white pharmaceutical company. She worked long hours day after day, checking and rechecking her work. She was stressed but her determination literally paid off.

6) Then this morning I come to work and my co-worker shares with me his slide show presentation and went on to explain that this is his first presentation with the big wigs and has been working 50-60 hours a week and 4 hours plus on the weekends. When I asked why, he said simply, “well I’m highly ambitious.”

7) My sister just went off to do a photography shoot for her friend Toya who owns an online boutique last weekend. It’s small and simple, but she’s doing it! And in 10 years she may have 5 stores. I’m not mad. By the way, the pics turned out great!

8) Russell Simmons said in his book the difference between the average person and the most successful people are that the successful people follow through on their ideas. That’s it, simple DRIVE and FOLLOW THROUGH! That really hit me. I have so many dreams and ideas but I have not made any MOVES with any consistency.

Don’t you think someone is trying to tell me something?

I can’t stop

.The end.


Drakes Coming to me!!!

Drake will be performing in Washington, DC on May 16, 2009 at Love nightclub.
I might actually have to make an appearance in LOVE!!! :-/

From my sources I hear the tickets will be $50!!! Wowzers.

See you soon hun.. MUAH
.The end.


To my current headache

PLEASE PLEASE headache go away. It's friday and i'm ready to Par-Tay



Good News!! I passed my Praxis Exam.

I got 190 out of a possible 200 points!!!!!! The passing score was 164 and the average score was 165-187.



Intro Intro Intro Introducing

Hello Everyone. There is a new blog in the blogosphere. "Nike Boots: The Makings of an Urban Man from D.C." I am officially putting my stamp of endorsement on it. However, let me first disclose that I am in no way an unbiased follower of this blog!!

.The End.


You wanna go to Paris. I'll take you

Need a vacay? Come away with me in the night! hehe
Follow me on a 36 hour getaway to Paris. Click through

1. Our itinerary

But of Course our first stop is the E. Tower. (if you can't see the interactive map click "view larger map" and have a look around. No like, for real. you can look around. How cool!

View Larger Map

2. We have to stop at the park we see along the way!! It's so beautfiful.

3. MMHMM let's grab some Parisian Chocalate (click the camera photographs- they are links)

4. Time to eat some real food and a brother is at grill. You know its on. This has audio so if you at work turn it down.

5. Designer Jean Paul Gaultier takes us on a personal tour. We are sooo VIP. Gotta check out the Hermes store!!! sigh

6. The Parisian Churches are so beautiful

7. Time is winding down. We have to speed through the rest

8. What a great trip...wait! What did you say. Paris fashion is going on sale in January. We have to go back!!

I'm tired. How about you?



B looks great in most of those. Really simple. Where was I during these years, cuz the B I know always dressed horribly and had either an obvious lacefront or seabiscuit hair. And by the way I am not a B stan in anyway, so i'm just being honest.

By the way, saw my girl Teedra last night. She was awsome of course. Stood behind a -not so skinny - tipsy women for 2 hours as she pushed her big poofball hair in my face just to see her. My back was aching and my heels hurt but once Teedra got on I danced the night away. I may even have sweated out some water weight while there cuz lawd knows it was hot in there.


Today was a tempting day. I literally had to struggle to keep from giving in. I just wanted one, just one and I wanted it SO bad. I know you were just being nice but you can't tempt me like that. I can literally sense it on the floor next to me. Oh Lord give me strength.