I'm officially 2.1. YES!!!! I can go wherever I want, whenever I want!! You don't know how much of a relief this is for me. I love to be out on the town, having fun, and meeting new people. Yet, the chains of age were holding me back.

Now I'm FREE!!

LOOK FOR ME, young, free, cruisin down the 95 highway, doin what I like to do my way!!!

So, things I have done as a 21 year old:
1. Adams Morgan
2. Got my wristband at the club. lol

Things I will be doing this summer:
1. Going to Jamaica
2. Going to Atlanta to party
3. Going to see Ne-yo at Love on a FRIDAY (21-and-up night)
4. more Adams Morgan
5. ..... anything else I may want to do, HA

I'm so happy, even my witch of a co-worker can't reach me today.

Love you all




I worked out again today!! I really didn't want to work out but my co-worker and I planned to work out together so I couldn't back out. I guess you can call it motivation. Anyway I did 7 minutes on the treadmill and then moved to the machine right next to it (the eliptical) and did about 7 minutes more with a one minute cool down. So that about 15 minutes. Then I did crunches on the ball and some other various kinds.

Now that it's over I'm happy I did it but I really didn't want to.


I'm not stupid

I swear my coworker thinks I'm dumb. She gives me assignments and I never understand what she is talking about or what she wants me to do specifically. If I do understand and don't do it exactly the way she wants it, she questions if I know what I'm doing.

Maybe you arn't explaining it well enough, becuase I dare say I'm pretty intelligent. And if I do ask questions, It's all the better, right? We don't want to get it wrong, do we? Isn't this a team effort? Uggg her smugness is getting to me. I like my other coworker better. She's actually nice and not weird.

Maybe its because my "mean" co-worker is old. Their is just a link that is missing in our communication with each other. We don't get each other. It's a shame that I work with her the most. Oh well. I guess we'll just call this a challenge to overcome.

I WILL be victorious... Uggg... That stupid witch.

I'm an addict

Put simply:


So you know I worked out yesterday. I was proud of myself for working out but I didn't do that great. I did 1 minute of warm up on the treadmill, then I ran up to ten minutes. I walked 5 more minutes and then sprinted the last three minutes. Then I did I variety of crunches.... AND THAT WAS IT.

After that, I went home and ate more food than I usually eat. This included a ice cream float, melted cheese and crackers and chicken alfredo. UGGGG, I defeated everything I worked for. My mother just shook her head.

Food... There is just something about it.

What am I gonna do??


Work Out Plan

Today is the beginning of a new life.
Today I brought my workout clothes so that
Today I can go down to the gym and begin the process of shedding these extra pounds

For years I have complained about getting fat, and for years that's all I've been doing...complaining. Well, now I'm tired of complaining and I'm D*mn sure tired of being fat. I'm going to put my sneakers on and bust my butt on the machines.

My job offers free gym access so I might as well use it while I have the chance. Other people have to pay for the services I am given for free. (God knows I don't have the money to afford a gym membership right now).

Okay. Today I'm going to do cardio... Well, I think I'm going to do some form of cardio everyday. I'll do crunches at home everynight because why waste time doing that at the gym. Hopefully I can see a significant change in a month. By June 22 I want to loose 5-10 pounds. Is that possible???

Target areas: Stomach, Hips, Thighs.

It's time to shed those pounds baby!!