I'm not stupid

I swear my coworker thinks I'm dumb. She gives me assignments and I never understand what she is talking about or what she wants me to do specifically. If I do understand and don't do it exactly the way she wants it, she questions if I know what I'm doing.

Maybe you arn't explaining it well enough, becuase I dare say I'm pretty intelligent. And if I do ask questions, It's all the better, right? We don't want to get it wrong, do we? Isn't this a team effort? Uggg her smugness is getting to me. I like my other coworker better. She's actually nice and not weird.

Maybe its because my "mean" co-worker is old. Their is just a link that is missing in our communication with each other. We don't get each other. It's a shame that I work with her the most. Oh well. I guess we'll just call this a challenge to overcome.

I WILL be victorious... Uggg... That stupid witch.

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j.a.c. said...

LOL!! "That stupid witch." LOL! Now that's funny.

Well I suggest you give it to her straight... Communicate better... say something like "is this all you need me to do? are you sure there isn't anything else?" or "please edit this before I send it out. there might be a few mistakes that I'm sure you'll catch." and say it with a smile. kill her with kidness lady.