And around in circles we turn. Anita Baker is crooning in my ear again, singing, "I just wanna be yours." Why are relationships so much hard work? It's so tiring.

So now we're doing the waiting game again...And this is supposed to prove what??? Oh yea, the one who can wait out longer is the one who ends up being the one who is right.

Is it just me or does this not seem so freaking stupid. I'm not even mad anymore. I'm just over it all.
FINE! You wait your stupid butt over there on your side then. You know what. Actually I am mad. I'm mad that I didn't get a chance to ball my fist up and give you one on your chin. One good punch is all that I needed. Maybe it would have knocked some sense into you and allowed you to see how freakin stupid you've been acting. But, alas, we were in public and I didn't want to come off as the ghetto black girl. *sigh* Yep!! I guess I'm just mad we were in public.

Anyway. I know I haven't been blogging but i've been keeping up with my celebrity gossip. My highlights.

1. What's wrong with Orange Juice (OJ).
2. To 50... So you mad???
3. To Kanye...stop crying and that man shawl you were wearing on jimmy kimmal live was not metrosexual... it was gay (no offense to anyone who took offense).
4. Alicia Keys. Just Beautiful
5. Jada Pinkett. Dang lil mama. Everytime I see you I'm stunned again. Beautiful
6. Isiah Thomas. Are you Stupid too? A black man calling a black woman the b word is just as bad as a white man saying it. Thanks for making it acceptable in our community.
7.Diddy and Usher. Keep your clothes on. Just stop it already.
8. Garcelle (from Jaimie Fox show) Dang girl, I hope that baby belly was photoshoped.
9. To BET. You get a ludacris face slap from me for putting American Gangster back on the air and glorifying gangsterism yet again. Another reason to BAN BET.
10. I actually feel bad for Ja Rule. But then again, i think, he made millions soooo...
11. Rihanna. You suck at performing! I mean, atleast make your face move. I stare at the screen saying, SHOW ME SOME EMOTION!! why are you so dry?!?
12. Mya Mya Mya. I feel so bad for you. That article you did for Vibe Vixen made me ashamed of you as a women. And now your throwing temper tantrums at fashion week. Mya Mya Mya.
13. That new justin and 50 song is just wrong. Justin is trying to meet 50 half way and 50 is trying to meet Justin half way and it's just too fake and all wrong. POP music kills and what an example this is.
14. Kanye and T-Pain. YES!!!!!