quote of the day

"I Love TURKEY sausage man! What the FREAK do they put in that stuff"

-From Mr.BEEF man himself

Vannessa or Vivica

Do Not Be Mislead. When did Vivica start looking like Vanessa Williams. Plastic Surgery is CrAzY. Well atleast she looks (dare I say it?) Human. Don't hate me Vivica. I'm just being honest. You've had a couple of rough photos recently.

What do you think

Ms. Kelly

WOW. Do it big Kelly. This dress is to fabulous!!! I love Kelly and I want her to succeed but she hasn't been stepping up the way I think she should. But I think she pulled it out with this picture.


the Beckhams

Oh my gosh!! This is so hott. I love it, LOVE it!! Victoria and David Beckham. This is a hott white guy if I've ever seen one and V looks Fierce. (snap snap). Shoot, I need to get my hair cut and bleach it blond.............. Well, maybe not. Anyway, look at that oh so ANTM arch in V's back!! Get is shawty. I was acually on a mission to find a shirt that went with this cute tulip mini skirt and I ran accross this picture and couldn't move on. Isn't it so striking!!
I can't get enough. ooooooooohhhh.

One of those days

The only reason i'm making it so far is because I got my girl Teedra crooning in my ear. Got da*n. Get it girl. Sorry for cursing, but it's that real, mayne.

I want to start a band. I don't want just talk about it, I want to be about it. I found a drummer and my cute PianoMan. I want it to be all guys and I'm the only girl. I just got to find a guitarist. SHOOT, that's going to be hard. Maybe this boy Darrin will know. Let me facebook him right now, matta fact.

Okay so I sent him a message on facebook. Maybe we could get a rapper too!!! Oooohhh. That would be so hott. Whatcha Think!! I'm so excited.


Sweet and Simple

When your nice to someone you have no idea what an impact you can have, even with a stranger. Today my friend told me and I quote, "i was kinda in mean gurl, mean mug mood yesterday, but then you came and cheered me up...on the train...;-)" It was then that I realized that by giving her that simple wave and a funny face through the window of the train doors, I changed her whole day around.

It took almost no energy from me to do those two things. I didn't even have to talk to her. She was sitting on the train and I was on the platform as I saw her pass, so I couldn't even if I wanted. Still this realization still shocked me. How much better we would all be if we keep this in mind.

I'm going to work on shedding that mean girl attitude that I have sometimes and just work on being nice to people, even when its hard too. Because I know that by making someone else's day, the joy that it gives them, gives me so much more. I actually come out with more than I give.

How real is that?!?!