Sweet and Simple

When your nice to someone you have no idea what an impact you can have, even with a stranger. Today my friend told me and I quote, "i was kinda in mean gurl, mean mug mood yesterday, but then you came and cheered me up...on the train...;-)" It was then that I realized that by giving her that simple wave and a funny face through the window of the train doors, I changed her whole day around.

It took almost no energy from me to do those two things. I didn't even have to talk to her. She was sitting on the train and I was on the platform as I saw her pass, so I couldn't even if I wanted. Still this realization still shocked me. How much better we would all be if we keep this in mind.

I'm going to work on shedding that mean girl attitude that I have sometimes and just work on being nice to people, even when its hard too. Because I know that by making someone else's day, the joy that it gives them, gives me so much more. I actually come out with more than I give.

How real is that?!?!


T.C. said...

you do have that affect on folks! just by being you...and YES just smiling at someone, saying HELLO or have a GREAT day can do wonders for folks...this in fact made me smile

j.a.c. said...

i'm so happy to have read this because i've been preaching the same thing FOREVER! all you have to do is smile with bright eyes and change a person's life! it's so simple!

Deja~I~Am said...

Thanks T.C. You bring a smile to my face as well

@ J.a.c, It's so simple and so true. It is hard sometimes though

Anonymous said...

Yes I do believe that you have that affect on people one of the most charming yet goofiest smiles on the planet. NOt Hard tobelieve at all

Camlin said...

Interesting to know.