One of those days

The only reason i'm making it so far is because I got my girl Teedra crooning in my ear. Got da*n. Get it girl. Sorry for cursing, but it's that real, mayne.

I want to start a band. I don't want just talk about it, I want to be about it. I found a drummer and my cute PianoMan. I want it to be all guys and I'm the only girl. I just got to find a guitarist. SHOOT, that's going to be hard. Maybe this boy Darrin will know. Let me facebook him right now, matta fact.

Okay so I sent him a message on facebook. Maybe we could get a rapper too!!! Oooohhh. That would be so hott. Whatcha Think!! I'm so excited.


T.C. said...

I definitely say go for it....

j.a.c. said...

Ooooooo. I like it!