It's official

It's over. Don't ask me how I feel about it cuz I don't know. Just ready to close this chapter of my life, graduate and move to the next. What's next in life. Who's next in life.


My version of Ran-Dumb thoughts

In true deja fashion and to prove zuri right I am writing this post and me and that special someone are on the outs again. That's all i'll be writing about him though. I'm not going to bore anyone in the blog world with my pity party... If i know you i might call you every now and then to keep strong though. LOL


Graduation, grad school, finding a job/career, 15 credit hours now, 19 credit hours next semester, GRE, 18 hours a week at Express- mostly on my weekends, Resident Advisor- with a boss who hates me, Black Student Association, add a new commitment THEN MINUS seniorIdis (sp??). That equals = DISASTER.

But i don't even care anymore. All i care about is getting a job and 1 commitment. Like right now, i'm sitting here typing on blogspot when i got a lot of homework to do and I'm not even tired. Perfect time right?? NAAAAHHH. I think i'll get in the bed, red a book, and watch wedding planner- which i've seen so many times that its not even good anymore. so.....

SOS somebody. It's just first semester. I'm droooowwniing.

I'm not even doing the things i have to do. Is life like this for everyone???? Or do people really get up, go to work, pay the bills and go to sleep???? I wonder what that feels like?

And to top it all off, entertainment PR is not an easy field to get in to. That means after grad I got 10 more years of being on the grind and paying my dues before I see any benefits. UGGGHHHH, it just makes me tired thinking about it. Maybe i WILL go to bed now!!! Gosh i'm being soooo lazy.

About being lazy... I think i really am lazy at heart, but i just do things because people expect me to and because the job has to get done by someone and also i'm a social being so if i don't get out of bed i won't see anybody. I like being in the mix. If that wasn't the case, I'd be ghost. You would not see me at all!!

So what's going on in the world. Two people have passed but i'm not exactly sure who or the situation surrounding them. Jehovah, please be with their famlies! I guess i'd better check cnn.com. I don't check FOX, ughh. What a racially insenstive network and I can't STAND Bill O'Reily (that pompous JERKKK)

I'm beginning to fade out. Ugghh, I have to go to work at 9am tommorow morning. I really should get to bed. I almost forgot about it


The Young Lioness

I'm reeeaaaddyyyy Teedra. Goodness gracious. Thinking about my last post when I said Beyonce come beack down to us, it made me think of my girl. Teedra is so down to earth and when i met her it was like hey girl what's up!!! Plus her music is so real. If you haven't met my girl Teedra, I'd like to introduce you to her.

(that's her name....My girl Teedra... from here on out)

Her new album the young lioness should be out sometime next year or the end of this year. GEEZ teedra do you know us "REAL" music heads are waiting for you to crush the fakeness when you bring REAL R&B back to the game. You're going to do it so big this go around.




I love that Justin Timberlake remix with Beyonce on it. For once Beyonce sounds soulful and beautiful without trying to hard and doing to much. She sounds calm, passionate, and sweet and it makes me want to cry. Reminds of the old Bey, before the DIVA, before the GLITTER, and especially before the SEABISCUT HAIR.

I miss that Beyonce. But one thing is for sure, this girl has a voice, and this song proves it. SO as long as I don't have to see her and I can just hear her sing the song, everything will be alirght.

Come back down to us Bey Knowles.