I love that Justin Timberlake remix with Beyonce on it. For once Beyonce sounds soulful and beautiful without trying to hard and doing to much. She sounds calm, passionate, and sweet and it makes me want to cry. Reminds of the old Bey, before the DIVA, before the GLITTER, and especially before the SEABISCUT HAIR.

I miss that Beyonce. But one thing is for sure, this girl has a voice, and this song proves it. SO as long as I don't have to see her and I can just hear her sing the song, everything will be alirght.

Come back down to us Bey Knowles.


j.a.c. said...

i haven't heard it. where can i get it?

T.C. said...

i defnitely agree with you on this one...i really do1

K said...

I'm not the biggest Bey fan. She just believes in doing too much for my taste,but the song itself is so good even she can't mess it up.

Deja~I~Am said...

I heard it on the radio. I guess you can get it offline