the Beckhams

Oh my gosh!! This is so hott. I love it, LOVE it!! Victoria and David Beckham. This is a hott white guy if I've ever seen one and V looks Fierce. (snap snap). Shoot, I need to get my hair cut and bleach it blond.............. Well, maybe not. Anyway, look at that oh so ANTM arch in V's back!! Get is shawty. I was acually on a mission to find a shirt that went with this cute tulip mini skirt and I ran accross this picture and couldn't move on. Isn't it so striking!!
I can't get enough. ooooooooohhhh.


j.a.c. said...

Yeah... this joint is VISCIOUS!!!! I wanna cut my hair too.

Oh Beckham. Cot DANG!

K.C. said...

yes...they're whole spread in W mag is off the hook.

Anonymous said...

David is off the hook. And V'
s personality is so charming.

j.a.c. said...

you've been tagged. visit my post.

Anonymous said...
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