They Photoshopped the Prez

To add insult to injury. They photoshopped the president in this picture. The shorts he was wearing in on the magazine below were BLACK not RED!! This pic has been floating around for a while and everyone has seen it so the change was blatantly obvious. READ about the outrage here. But for those who want the short version, read my favorite comments below

"This is not just any man whose half-naked body you are exploiting with your prurient self interest. This man is the chief representative of our society to the rest of the world. And so, when you use and cheapen his likeness as you have, you take something from all of us."

I believe it is disrespectful to have our awesome President of the United States, shirtless on your cover - however there is no denying that Mr. Obama is hot and looks great !!!!!!!

What a stupid idea to change the original picture which looked great. Only shows how stupid newpaper editors have become in this country. Two thumbs down for the Washington Post. The Predident should sue you to publish the original version.

Come on now, is there really this many people upset over this? You sound like my grandparents bickering and giving a lecture at Thanksgiving dinner. Do us a favor, go back to reading AARP Magazine and playing scrabble. Lighten up people!

cool picture. We should all have a look on how he is running his job and not how he is looking like in shorts. I feel with a pic like this, you show us all, that a president is by the end of the day also only a human being.

I think it is tasteless and part of this outrageous celebrity culture tjhat transfomrs people in products for consumption and idolization of appearances, superficiality and fashion styles. Not at all appropriate for a president and senseless. People didn’t vote for him becasue of this physical appearance; they voted for him because he is a thinker whose capital is his brain and knowledge about issues and capacity to lead , tackle and resolve the pressing problems of the country, and inspire. We have an intelligent, smart, competent and healthy president. I am disappointed in the magazine for having fallen into this culture that is not helping the country.

Get a grip people, it’s just a picture. He looks like he just left the gym or on vacation or something. It’s nothing provocative at all. He’s not the idol god everyone keeps trying to make him out to be, he is a middle aged man, emphasis on man, who happens to be the President. He’s showing people how to chill and relax sometimes. You don’t have to always act like you have a broom stuck up your A**.

I explained my thoughts in my previous blog below.

Anyway, just though i'd post the full image.

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