After contemplating which bike I would get between the Suzuki GSX 600 (on the left) or the Yamaha R6. I have decided to go ahead and get the GSX 600 because its a little more user friendly and this will be my first bike! It's sexy ain't it!


MJ said...

GSXR is super sexy. Go for it. Just suit up every time you get on it. You can always wipe sweat away and its better than the alternative ;-)

T.C. said...

like MJ said as long as you suit up everytime...leather is your BEST friend on a bike and they have cute gear...i have seen a many a folk have to "lay it down" so its gonna happen like my uncle once told me there are two kinds of bike riders those who have fallen off and those yet to fall...so you know be careful no matter what!

Deja~I~Am said...

yea, of course i'm gonna get gear! Shoot! I may even get pants. My mother says I have nice legs. LOL!!!

I just can't wait. Hopefully, i'll be out of the cage by next summer !!!!! Cross your fingers!