Its Pay Day BAYBAY

I hope they got my timesheets over there. I faxed them in but the fax machine over here is sketchy. EEK!!! Hopefully, when I go over there today (I work 2 blocks from my contracting company) they will have my dough!!!

My version of RanDumb thoughts (I'm not a swagger jacker (j.a.c's blog) but I just had to today... Just a little bit)

I need to get my ticket. I'm going to Oklahoma in April and the Bahamas the first week of June. All this money is going out but all these bills just keep coming in.
Today, I think I'm going to ask someone out on a date. Any ideas of fun things to do?
Did I mention it was payday!!
I need a new good book to get me through the day. I started and finished one on Wednesday, I mean it was trash but I needed something on the train.
I forgot my headphones so no music today. My music isn't suitable to be played even on low tones because Pandora can throw some unexpected songs in the mix and obviously an Ipod without headphones just won't work.

I just need it to warm up outside. Just till the point when I don't have to wear these dang stockings. Or to the point when as I come up from the metro, I don't have to bite back the chill that runs through me.

Today, my co-worker said, "its just one of those days, huh." What? "Is it that transparent on my face," I asked. She said, "yep." I didn't get home till 12am last night and then had a serious discussion on the phone afterwards. Its going to be a rough one. Maybe I'll do a happy hour after this. That could be a good date right?

Eh, that's enough.

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T.C. said...

you are like me, you sister your mother...you know all of us...we wear our emotions, like the song said, "its written all ova your face" well i have been listening to Motown courtesy of my co-workers...i need a nap myself...lol