I just really don't like winey, emotional men. It makes me so disgusted that I almost gag in my mouth. I mean really, "you're turning my OFF."

I honestly just don't understand it. Like, what made you like that? LOL. It's even more difficult for me because my normal personality is not winey and emotional. Yea, I get like that sometimes in different cirmcumstances but not on the regular. It's not my personality, so it's just so hard for me to put up with. WHY ARE YOU A MARSHMELLOW AND I'M NOT????? Cut the mess and get a backbone.

To be honest, I don't like that trait in girls either. Honestly, it could just be my "problem." My family always says that i'm mean and my boyfriend says that sometimes I lack that female mushiness. But so what? I can show proper compassion when the situation calls for it; if you're sincerely feeling down, if your team is officially out of the NCAA tournament, etc. but if its something stupid and/or it's just your normal personality, I'm just too through. Miss me with that and go on to the next person.

eh, that enough.


j.a.c. said...

geez louise. lol.

Deja~I~Am said...

yea I know... LOL... I was venting. Please excuse. Gracias

MJ said...

Honestly, I couldn't agree with you more... Whining dudes are irritating to everyone around.

I like your Drake quote too... ;-)

T.C. said...

LMBo!!! girl you are CLASSIC and i luv it! that was SO me what 5-6 years ago...still he he he