He Apologized Today (whatever)

I know that's really big for him (rolling my eyes) but at this point is it a little too late? I know i'm over the issue but the fact that i'm fed up with it and really don't care anymore may be a sign that i'm over this whole "relationship." It was just too immature and didn't have a purpose.

I'm already a little wishy washy, espcially when the "relationship" is long distance. After weeks - and months in my case- of separation, I tend to "get over" missing the significant other which in essence is the same process of "getting over" a break up. So when he comes home it's essential that I see him in order to reinvigorate my commitment to the "relationship." Well, days passed and that has not happened, and now, I really have no drive or desire to make it happen.

I didn't apologize for anything, because its not my fault and I always apologize just to smooth things over. So in essence, I could apologize for "any miscommunication on my part" but thats a bull sh&* apology without any meaning or substance and I just don't feel like smoothing his ego over.

It's Tuesday. He's got four more days in town. Lets see if he comes to me because i think that's the only way its going to work at this point.

c'est la vie.


j.a.c. said...

I think there's nothing wrong with being tired. But I'm glad he apologized. People grow up Pooh, and unfortunately apart as well. Maybe that's what's happening. If you guys did grow apart, it's not all bad. You never know what can happen from this. Maybe one day you'll find your way back to each other.

As far as the rest of the week is concerned, I think that time will tell... You should thank him for his apology and go on about your business. He should be able to sense that you're not mad but at the same time will not put forth large amounts of effort to see him. From that, it's imperative that he makes the move. If not, well... =/

(If he asks what the deal is and comes to you in any sort of way, just say that you invited him to see you and the rest was up to him, but you understand needing space, so that's what you gave him. If space was not what he needed, then say that the door has always been open for communication and you were unaware of his feelings. Whenever he wants to talk (as two people in a relationship "normally" do), you're available.)

T.C. said...

i don't have anything to really "add" jac said it pretty much all...at some point you have to take a stand and really have to just sit back and see what happens...

one of my most important lessons learned thus far in life:
two people can be GOOD people but NOT be good together...

it just happens people grow and move at different speeds and in different directions...

whatever the case make sure you close whatever loop YOU need to close for yourself so you can move forward positively