Boy on the Metro

The boy in front of me on the subway train keeps his eyes pointed at the ground. His ripped army fatigued shoulder slung backpack exposes three binders and numerous pages of schoolwork thrown carelessly in between. Although he wears jordans they are team jordans. Symbolic of the fact that he tries to fit in but doesn't quite make it. His blue and grey plaid shirt covers a blue polo shirt that creeps up his neck to his thick unshapped hairline. while he readjusts himself, trying to find a " cool" stance and comfortable position against the poll, I want to scream, HAVE CONFIDENCE in yourself. He can't be any older than 14 and I see many of the insecurities that I used to have in his unsure gaze. If I could somehow magically impart to him everything I know now it would change his whole life or atleast allow him to avoid many uncomfortable moments, missed opportunities, missed fun, and regrets. Only if I could tell him get a shape up and atleast fake it till you make it. If I could just tell him to hold on becasue sooner rather than later most of those insecurities will fade away. Only if I could have known at 14 what I know at 23!! Only if I could spare him!!

Do you have confidence. Take the test http://www.theconfidentclub.com/calculator/index.htm

I got a 36


T.C. said...

i got a 40....

MJ said...

I got a 34.

25-36 – Able to put confidence into action when required

Interesting... I struggled with self confidence in my earlier years.