Weekend Warrior has fizzled

I can't get my mind around this weekend. so let me write it out.

Friday: NOTHING! Thank goodness. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I am pooped. Not necessarily tired, but just pooped. This would have been a great day to snuggle and watch movies with Ant.M. Oh well.

Saturday: My sister wants me to go back to Baltimore again for this model call. :-\ We'll see if I feel like going. At the moment, who knows. And then I have to go see CC dance at Towson for their fashion show. It's her last performance so i have to go.

Sunday: Church. Then, I'm supposed to go see KC sing up at Indulj. I have to make that as well.

Next weekend:
Friday: Coctails at the Spy Museum with Shannon.
Saturday: Drake Comes to town. Big Hooplah. A whole bunch of my Alpha friends are coming to town, so this may lead to some Sunday events as well.

Next Next Weekend
Friday: Surgery
Saturday: 1. Sisters brunch at Cafe Promenade 2. Wedding rehearsal

GOSH. I'm pooped!


T.C. said...

gurl how about i totally feel you today is a day of nothingness....and so will be the rest of the weekend until Mommy's day is all about the mommy

Anonymous said...

How about next weekend Anthony comes home Hello.