MAKING THE BAND 4: Let's make it happen

Yea! This show was hot! I'm going to be watching this on the regular! Here is my recap:

1. The boys can SING!! WHEW!! I'm already buying that album
2. D.Woods, Dawn and Shannon can sing
3. Abri is.... dare i say it.... too much/slutty. She needs to sit down
4. Diddy gets on my nerves. Those boys sounded good in the studio. He's making drama out of nothing. I think half of that crap is for tv. The other half is him trying to intimidate somebody. He needs to go sit down with Abri.
5. I think Qwanell and Will are some cool dudes.
6. I think Dawn and Q are cute. HOWEVER, don't mix business with pleasure.
7. Why does this have to be a competition. Why does it have to be THAT much stressful for them. GEEZ
8. If Diddy wasn't on the show, I'd still watch
9. The boyz need a group name. REGARDLESS, i'm still buying that album. That first song was so hott
10. I will be watching next week. 

That's my top 10 thoughts y'all. What did you think??


j.a.c. said...

i had the same assessment! mainly because we watched it together. lol. we have to text through each show okay!?! that'll be our quality sister time!

Deja~I~Am said...

ok. we can do that