A Little Spice

I'm happy in my relationship. Really, I am. I have been dating AJM for about 3.5 years now. Of all the young women I know, I am the only one in a consistent relationship with a great guy who truly loves the mess out of me. He doesn't BS me, he's open and honest, communicates... eventually, and is working toward being a better man.

But i'm a girl who likes spontaniety and a juicy story. I'm a thunderous river not a peaceful lake. AJM is the lake and that is why we work well together. He balances me out. But every now and then i need some excitement; a story to tell. Something I would have to run and dish to my best friend like, "girl, do you know he did THIS..." But AJM is not that kind of guy. He plays sports, stays at home, works and is a genuine GOOD guy. I'm going to visit him in a couple of weeks. Maybe he'll have an adventure planned?!?!?!

Here's to hoping.


K.C. said...

lol @ "i am a thunderous river"
lol...that you are, that you are

T.C. said...

oh how i can relate to this...make your own waves...don't depend on him...and TRUST me "relationship adventures" are overrated...be happy that you don't have a story to tell...:-)

Eb the Celeb said...

that type of dude you have to soon feed it to him... like plan everything... so you have to decide if you want to be the one that's planning all the time... I have been there and didn't mind it because I like being in charge and he actually had fun when we did things just was to blah to think of them himself