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SO, it's Thursday, 3:18pm. You know where I am. Sociology class!!!! Ha Ha. Zuri said my senioritis is getting bad. She has no idea!!!

Today I had an interview with The Perry Broadcasting and Publishing Company for the newspaper, The Black Chronicle. I begin with the standard 30 day trail starting in January. I'm going to begin writing on the website. I can write about whatever I want but i can write if from whatever angle I want. My job? To foster controversy and community discussion. I am advised to write under and alias, which my public will never ever knooooowwww (lol). I'll be good at this. My demographic, African Americans age 18 - 35. If you guys come accross good issues with Black people in the community, send me over your ideas!!


T.C. said...

Congrats! Its hard being a senior but please stay focused so that you get OUT and get OUT on TOP!

K said...

Jay,I'm sooo proud of you. This is the beginning of the rest of your life-cliche,but so true. I have some ideas for you... :)

j.a.c. said...

Congrats again Pooh!