My version of Ran-Dubm thoughts (2)

So, while some people use blogs to get through their day at work, I'm blogging to make it through Sociology 4693. What is that man talking about. I feel like Charlie Brown with the teacher that says "whomp whomp whomp whomp." Wow, finally see the symbolism in that. What most proffesors say are not really that important. As you get older your realize that they are biased and stubborn.

We had to do evaluations in all of our classes today. I didn't do them. I don't care anymore. I used to do them because i cared.

So here's what the decision boils down to for the democratic race. In my opinion, both Obama and Hillary will do a good job. So the ultimate question is. What is more important for me? Am I black first or am I a female first? What is more important to us as black females?

I'm tired and I want to eat but i can't. I'm almost out of meal points and all out of food. I got to go to the grocery store. I have to wait until 7pm because we are having free food at our BSA meeting!! I just want a snack. I feel like a feign.

I don't want to do my work either. I have an assignement due today but i'll start that at 5pm. It's due at 6pm. It's just corrections though. Whatever.

I'm just so ready to come home I need a break from school... I NEED TO GRADUATE.

My interview with Perry Publishing and Broadcasting Company is thursday. Wish me luck. I think I'm going to be writing for The Black Chronicle... if I get the job.

I'm thinking about a credit card. But then i think of all the people at my job at Express who are wearing clothes they 10% own. How stupid is that??? The clothes on your back aren't even yours. People say, you shouldn't chargeif you don't have the money. Well then, pay for it cash! But it builds credit, they say. I'm sure there is some other way to buy a house in America than get a mastercard. If there is not, the system is compeletly messed up.


K said...

I feel you on most of these points. I need to graduate too!I love it sometimes( a lot of the times) but Norman really is whack a great deal of the time) Good luck with your interview and think really hard before you get a credit card.

j.a.c. said...

You have a serious case of senioritis. May 10th shawty. I'll be there! You'll do well on the interview. No worries.

Wait until you have a full time job to get a credit card. Trust me.

Anonymous said...


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