Things that make me happy

1. singing in the basement by myself

2. kicking it with my girls in the house, talking about nothing

3. reminiscing about the past with my friends

4. the moment at the club when the beat drops to my favorite song

5. Watching movies all day on the couch with AJM

6. when lunch time rolls around at the job

7. when I finish designing or writing something and it looks good or reads well

8. After going shopping and looking through the bags at what I bought

9. when I put together the perfect outfit for the day

10. The feeling I get when AJM and I do something nice for a stranger

11. Buying something from Express for AJM

12. AJM (lol)

13. When my sister brings me something from the city

14. ATV's

15. Finding a good new book to read.

16. my new rain boots (i've been looking for them forever)

17. Laughing so hard until I cry

18. Dancing around in my underwear

19. chicken patties (they remind me of spending time with AJM- everytime I go to his house I get a chicken patty)

20. Making other people laugh

21. watching the CW (guilty pleasure)

22. the macoroni and cheese from Carolina's kitchen

sidenote: yes, I've noticed that food makes me happy. But, hey, its the truth. I'm not ashamed.

23. playing football head with AJM

24. hearing a good story

25. Thinking about my future

26. seeing my room clean

27. Kara's special walk

28. Talking to my coworker Dina about Egypt (where she is fun)

29. seeing money in the bank

30. talking to a random stranger and being engrossed in a good conversations

31. Watching real live dorks in action (once, me and ajm watched 4 dorks- complete with push down socks and short shorts- playing four square on the basketball court)

32. playing with kids

33. saying "OM to the G"

34. good facebook pics

35. beginning my day off with a croissant, an apple juice and a blog

36. making new friends/associates

37. hanging with my extended family. lol. my immediate family is aight.

38. listening to Teedra Moses

39. New music on my IPOD

40. dreaming about traveling the world.

41. holding babies...that I can give back

42. rekindling old friendships

43. recognition by my peers for a job well done. (it's not WHY I do it but lets be real, it still feels good)

44. A good party and being juust RIGHT. HEEYY!!

45. Chocalate milk with whipped cream.


j.a.c. said...

nice list.

T.C. said...

i agree this is really nice...food, clothes, shoes, and good friends make me happy too!!!!

its always the little things...glad to see you reflecting on that!

and yes you do and EXCELLENT job!!!!