Everything is looking good. I had a great weekend last weekend. I took some friends that had recently moved to the city down to the Washington, monument, the reflection pool and then down to Adams Morgan. On Saturday i went to visit my friend who is now a WONDERFUL friend, there was a crab feast (mmmm) and then I went to see oceans 11. On Sunday, my friend came over again and we watched movies and did my homework. :-)

Now I'm getting to work and my mean co-worker is complimenting me, telling me I'm one of the best who has ever worked on the daily newsletter. She's being so sweet, she literally JUST offered me the bagel in the lunch room. what?!?! This is like another world.

Today is our best practices convention and I was the event planner for it. I set the room up for the top executives, but the work orders and food orders in. Everything is working out fine. I messed up on the title of a person on one name tag and that is it.

The only downside to all of this is that i'm sick.... but I can feel myself getting better so even that's a plus. All in all, everything is looking up. No complaints from me


j.a.c. said...

go 'head pooh! tear it up!

T.C. said...

ok, let me find out you got a blog, but i didn't know about it, and you don't even comment on mines...i mean HELLO! what's goings on around here...LOL