I hate messing up. I think I'm doing something right and SANDRA the witch finds someway for it to be wrong. Is it just me or does she make a big deal out of everything. My co-worker keeps pointing out to me that she talks to me so rudly and that she never spoke to her like that.

Maybe I'm just not doing it right. I don't know. My co-worker says maybe I should speak with Agape (our boss) about Sandra's rude behavior. I don't know, I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble or cause a rift because I still have to work with her. Goodness, I just wish she'd leave me alone. Now that all these SARCs are done maybe I won't have to deal with her as much.

Maybe the reason why she's never spoken rudly to my co-worker because my co-worker is a permanent employee who doesn't have to ask questions and such and I'm just an intern. Who knows. But I know this, my days would be a lot better if Sandra would just CHILL OUT.

Goodness gracious. she get's on my nerves. And for goodness sake, I don't want to go down and pass out the SARCS to Congress on the Hill in 90 degree weather. Just shut up about it, already. Plus my stomach doesn't feel well.


B.m.W said...

Work work work work work...I could tell you some stories about coworkers. In the end you just have to remember no one can take what God has in store for you. If someone is acting like a jerk to you at work, try chalking it up in the win column anyway. One day in the future you'll look back and realize she was being helpful or the opposite...and chances are it won't matter. Keep your head up.

Deja~I~Am said...

thanks for the comment and encouragement!!