When I have my company I'm not going to have any secretaries. I think secretaries are archaic. New wave corporoate structure and environment is changing. The only one's keeping hold of that stuffy old style are the OLD people.
I interned at the Office of Inspector General and I didn't realize how progressive they were, even as a governement agency. They were incoporating two new company policies.

1. Go where the work is
2. Knowledged centered work environment

The first is self-explanatory but was also the justification for their work-at-home program. If you can work best at home or in the field rather than at the office. Stay at home! The Inspector General even said there is no reason for employee's to come in and do minimal work in the office simply so that others can watch over them!! How progressive is that.
The second school of thought did away with the heirarchal corporate structure. Rather, the IP and top executives decided it was best to have a circular office structure. Give assignments to the person who can do the work and communicate circulararly not on a ladder system. Everyone in the offices knowledge is beneficial. It's the "Knights of the Roundtable" theory. It's so much better. (News room's and newspapers/magazines often work like this)
I applaud the OIG and other places like google who are merging the corporate environement with today's progressive theories.
At the place I'm working right now, the executive secretary is in full effect. It's so horrible. lower level managers to top level executives can't even write a letter or find their own files. They would be lost without secretaries because they are so dependent on them. Where is the dictophone!!! Yes, it is that old school. Law firms are very much like this too; very heirarchal.
So I repeat, when I have my own firm, I will do away with secretaries. Assistants will assist PROJECTS not PEOPLE and their work will be of value. This will cut costs too. I can write my own %&*! letter.

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