I had a rough night last night. My usual bedtime is 10ish but i went to bed at one because I was caught up in an argument! Not complaining about the argument but I am mad that i'm suffering for it this morning. I got to work about 10-15 minutes late! AH Well!

I can't wait for Sept 1. All the season premiers begin that day. I'm hyping myself up so they better be good. I hope they aren't overated. I want to watch the new 90210, Gossip Girl, Samuri Girl, One Tree Hill, and this other new show on the CW. I know what you're thinking. My selection of shows lacks a certain diversity.... LOL!! I know, but I still like them! Maybe its the fact that they take me away. And I like that dumb teenage stuff. Nothing too serious because life is serious.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up Solange's album yesterday!! I promised I would because I want to support her. I haven't purchased an album in I don't know how many years. The only new music I get is from my sister when she sends me all her new cd's. (I call myself a music person). How horrible.

Today is wednesday. No church tonight but we do have family study................

I'm wearing my dress as a shirt today. It looks good. I'm about to convert all of my dresses into shirts for the rest of the week.

Maybe I should start writing stories. I haven't written a story in years. I'm a journalism major so only articles, news stories. Fact not fiction has been my forte. Well let's give fiction a try. I would love to write a novel but i think i tire of things to quickly and a novel requires a lot of long-suffering. (suffering-that's how I look at it). I'm fast-paced, always ready for the next thing. I look at it as a positive quality not a negative. Although I'm sure many would disagree. Maybe short stories, but I always hate novels that are a collection of short stories. The minute you get into one story, it ends and your supposed to pick up the pieces and move on to the next. Usually I throw the book away after one, being too heartbroken that a good one has come to an end too fast. I should be a book critique. This summer alone I must have read atleast 50 books. Honestly, I still read 1-2 books a day. Books take me to another world. When I'm reading a book the real world is at best HAZY until i'm finished. It's like I walk around not fully "there" until the novel is complete because I'm so caught up in the pages. It's kind of bad. My boyfriend can barely reach me when I'm in the middle of a book. That's why it only takes me one day to finish. I HAVE TOO.

I have to pitch these stories today. I put them off long enough! Time is winding down, it's wednesday!

Well, goodmorning to you!

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