Thank you Ne-Yo for making mainstream Hip Hop and R&B GROW the heck up! 

He said 'somethings sexy about a woman who pays her car note and mortgage and 'bout to pay them both off!!! AND pays them on time!!  There is nothing cute about not paying your bills on time but you look good!! 

The women are in his Miss Independent video are in positions of power, Neyo said "You not getting the coffee, you leading the meeting." YES!! Not only does this girl in his video have a job she's the boss. In every other Hip Hop video women are just there as wallpaper and at a man's beck and call. Thank you Neyo for praising women who Do something with themselves. In all honesty, that's more representative of our society anyway. Black women have always been on their grind.

Yea, I'm working on mine so you work on yours

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j.a.c. said...

I didn't even know you started your blog again. I'm glad.

Umm.. I'ma need you not to jack my colors. lol. I like the new look anyway.